15+ Free & Premium Dashboard Templates in 2020

It is not only about the powerful functions and features that our greatest free dashboard templates include, design matters, too. After investing an honest chunk of your time into picking only the highest and most promising tools, here we are now, saving you time and money. Amongst all the products you discover below, there are those with exclusive features et al. that are as versatile as possible.

That said, you surely will find the correct option for your website or application. There’s now must build from the bottom up anymore. You’ll remove a less complicated and efficient path by choosing what’s already available.

To track all of the performance on your website, these free dashboard templates come very helpfully for your website. You just integrate the one you’re after into your project and have a more robust understanding of how it performs. To grow your business, it’s crucial to trace just about everything. With a dashboard template, you’ll know exactly how well your online project is doing.

For example,

track sales, new members, likes, profits, tickets, you name it, it can all be done inside your ultimate dashboard. Site management becomes lots more rechallenging once you have it all clearly gathered in one place.

Make the foremost out of it and run your online project of any kind sort of pro. While free dashboard templates have certain limitations, we have already published an excellent collection of HTML admin templates if you’re able to go premium right away.

You’ll even pick a Bootstrap admin template and convey site control to a full new level. But that’s something you’ll visit do with the products you discover further down the page. Let’s get all the way down to business and see what we’ve got future for you. While you download for your website, then you think what suits best for you, check all the live preview, and see the free dashboard templates also in action.

1. DashLite – Dashboard ($25)

DashLite - Dashboard

A strong, full admin dashboard template that especially builds for programmers and developers. DashLite comes with all kinds of components, necessary elements, and pre-build pages including an exclusive 3 conceptual apps screen that helps you to create your web apps or application faster.

DashLite is a fully clean and premium template that covered bright hand-crafted components & elements. This Dash-Lite dashboard is completely focusing on conceptual base apps or dashboard. As it’s decorated with pre-built screens.

Features – Quality & Clean Code, Bootstrap 4.3+, Handmade Icons, Pre-Built Screens, Limitless Components, Responsive & User-Friendly, Easy Customizable, 24 Premium Support, Lifetime Updates.

2. Cork – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template ($8)

Cork - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Cork is a powerful admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap and Sass for all kind of backend projects. It comes with a bunch of working JavaScript apps to build your next back-end application with ease.

Our Admin theme contains a collection of well-designed demos that will save you a lot of time and effort by not having to start from scratch. Cork Admin arrives with a multitude of reusable elements such as buttons, forms, charts, widgets, maps, tables, and a pack of elements that all you can include in your project. Cork’s design is fully responsive. With Cork’s applications, all components and all the pages included in the Cork Admin template are an excellent starting point for your next project.

Features – Bootstrap 4 (version 4.4.1), Fully Responsive Layout, SASS Powered, Dark and Light layouts, RTL demos, Flexible Charts and Maps, Custom design for Data Tables, Pre-built Apps (Mailbox, Chat, Contacts, Calendar, To-do, taskboard, etc.). More features like – Pre-built Pages (FAQs, Helpdesk, Sign in, Signup, Error Page, etc.), Unlimited Template Possibilities, FREE Lifetime Updates.

3. NobleUI – Admin & Dashboard Template ($24)

NobleUI - Admin & Dashboard Template

NobleUI is a powerful & lightweight dashboard template based on the Bootstrap 4x Framework. It has a big collection of reusable UI components and integrated with the latest jquery plugins.

NobleUI used SCSS to make you live to edit the styles easier. All styles are fully developed with SCSS and easy and also understand.

NobleUI responsive bootstrap dashboard works seamlessly on all the major web browsers and devices.

4. Nago – Admin & Dashboard HTML Template ($18)

Nago - Admin & Dashboard HTML Template

Nago is fully responsive, built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS3, and SCSS. It has a big collection of reusable UI components and also integrated with the latest jQuery plugins.

Features; Build on the latest version of Bootstrap (v4.3.1), Well documented, Advanced components, Sass files, Easy to use, Google fonts, Google Maps, Vector Maps, 80+ pages, 5000+ font icons, Clean code, Full responsive design.

5. Dashforge – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template ($20)

Dashforge - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Dashforge is a fully responsive admin dashboard template that is built on top of the latest Bootstrap version and with a clean, simple, modern, and professional design perfect for your dashboard, analytics and application projects. It contains more than a hundred reusable components that is enhanced and improved. Amazing flexibility and re-usability.

Features; Latest Bootstrap 4 version, Fully Responsive Layout, SASS Powered, jQuery Powered, Horizontal and Vertical Navigation Layouts, 4 Pre-built Dashboard Templates, 1000+ Font Icons, 500+ Reusable Components, One Page Capable, 3 Navigation Skins, Skin Customizer, Pre-built Apps (Mailbox, Chat, Contacts, File Manager, Calendar, etc.), Pre-built Pages (Sign in, Signup, Error Pages, etc.), Creative and Flexible Charts (Flot, Morris, Chart.js, Sparkline, Piety), Form Validation, Form Wizards, WYSIWYG Editor, Tables, and many more.

6. Frest – HTML & Laravel Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template ($24)

Frest - HTML & Laravel Bootstrap Admin

Frest Clean & Minimal Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is a beautiful, minimal & clean designed admin template with Dark and Light mode Layouts, also animated Icons & RTL options available. Look no further than Frest Admin is a powerful admin dashboard template built on Bootstrap 4, Frest is developer-friendly also, rich features and highly customized.

Features; 2 Dashboard, Livicons: Animated SVG Icons, 50+ Widgets, Multi-lingual Support, 3 chart libraries, Box Icons, 7 Functional Applications, Unlimited Color Options, Google Map, Video Player, Drag & Drop, Fully Responsive Layout, Organized Folder Structure, Clean & Commented Code, Well Documented, FREE Lifetime Updates.

7. Minovate – Angular Admin Dashboard ($24)

Minovate- Angular Admin Dashboard

Minovate is a premium admin dashboard powered with AngularJS. It’s built on the popular Twitter Bootstrap v3 framework. Minovate is fully based on HTML5 + CSS3 standards. It is fully responsive and clean on every device and every browser. Minovate contains many example pages with many ready to use elements and is strongly customizable.

You can choose from 6 colors for header, branding, nav-bar, and active element. You can toggle fixed navbar and header and choose from a few premade layouts such as horizontal nav-bar, boxed layout, or RTL layout.

Minovate works on each and every modern browser, any device, and any screen size. Any new improvements which you’ll like to see in the next build are welcome, please let us know what you want to be added.

8. Retina – Dashboard ($21)

Retina - Dashboard

Retina Dashboard is a good-looking polished and also functional backend admin panel design to be a content management user interface but with the potential to be much more in fact, any kind of web application you can think of. It has 15 pre-built templates that can get you off the ground, but with the various UI elements and widget design, you can quickly and easily create additional templates.

Features; Retina ready, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery implication, Responsive layout, Flot graphs/charts, jQuery slider, Widget layout, iPhone style, checkbox, Drag & drop file upload, Accordion menu, UI Elements, Icon fonts, Unique timeline view, Sortable tables, Custom WYSIWYG editor, jQuery UI plugins.

9. Gull – Laravel + Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template ($24)

Gull - Laravel Bootstrap Admin

Gull is a modern Bootstrap 4 admin template and UI framework with a full Laravel version. It is a fully responsive design. It built with SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins and packed with smart developing tools such as Gulp, Babel and Browser sync, etc.

Also, be used for building all kinds of Cross-platform applications and Web application backends like custom admin panel and admin dashboard, accounting software, project management, chat application, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, ERP, or SaaS. Gull provides you all the UI to input and visualizes/output large and small databases.

Features: Bootstrap 4 framework, 4 Dashboard versions, Datatables, Full-screen search, 2000+ premium icons mind icons included, Login Page, SignUp page, Forgot password page, Not found page, Image Cropper, Toastr Alerts, Sweetalerts, User Tour, 30+ Card widgets, Quill rich text editor, Custom loader and spinners, Custom loading buttons, Ladda loading buttons, Image Cropper, Form Wizard, Tag Input, Autocomplete Input, Custom switch, radio, checkboxes, Modal dialog, Confirm dialog, eCharts for Data visualization, Clean & Commented Code, Online documentation.

10. Uplon – Admin & Dashboard Template ($26)

Uplon - Admin & Dashboard Template

Uplon is a fully responsive premium web UI kit built with awesome bootstrap v4.3.1. It comes with good-looking and super-clean user interfaces, many ready to use and highly customizable components and widgets. The power of SASS and easy code allows any developer to turn this theme into a real web application.

Features – Fully Responsive Design, Created using Bootstrap v4.3.1, Light & Dark versions, Clean and intuitive design, Fully Documented, Vertical & Horizontal Layout, RTL & LTR Support, Landing page Included, 250+ Pages, 90+ Charts, Chart-js 2.0, SAAS Support, Gulp Support, Error pages included, 2500+ Font Icons.

11. Highdmin – Admin & Dashboard Template ($26)

Highdmin - free dashboard templates

Highdmin is a bootstrap based premium admin template. It has a super-clean interface, customizable components, and widgets. It is fully responsive and easy to customize. The code is super easy to understand and gives power to any developer to turn this theme into a real web application.

Features – Fully Responsive Design, Created using Bootstrap 4.3.1, Gulp Workflow, Vertical & Horizontal Layouts, Light & Dark Layouts. Clean and intuitive design, LTR & RTL Support, Fully Documented, Rich form, widgets, validation, and wizard. 83+ Pages, SASS Support, Calendar, Tickets, Projects, Task boards, Companies, File manager pages, Error pages included, Stylish pricing page, 2500+ Font Icons.

12. Modern – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template ($22)

Modern - free dashboard templates

The Modern UI Framework is a premium Web Application Admin Dashboard built on top of the Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.4 Framework. It’s the most functional, clean, and well-designed theme for any type of backend application. We have carefully designed all common elements.

Features; Built with Bootstrap 3.3.4, HTML5 & CSS3, Fully Responsive, Well Documented, Cross-browser Compatible, 6 Color Themes Left/Horizontal Bar, Static/Fixed Sidebar, Accordion/Hover Menu, Large/Compact Menu, Fluid/Boxed Layout and Collapsed Sidebar, Layout Options, Landing Page, Off-Canvas Profile Box, 3D Navigation, Flowchart, Sparkline, Rickshaw, Morris and Chartjs Charts, Data-Tables, Form Wizard, Dropzone File Upload, X-editable.

13. Metronic – React Admin Dashboard Theme ($35)

Metronic - free dashboard templates

”Metronic” may be a Bootstrap admin template that will prevent a large amount of your time and energy when putting in the proper admin for your modern application. With the solid and bold framework, “Metronic” handles all of your ideas and desires without running into any challenge in the slightest degree.

Have in mind, if you’re unaccustomed to the sport. The support team is often at your service, able to guide you at the successful creation of your application’s admin.

For your information, video tutorials also are a part of this gem. Immediately, you get to settle on between different sample contents which you’ll be able to use as-is or enhance further. Regardless of the case, the tip product is going to be fluid, flexible, and extendable. Indeed, “Metronic” follows all the present web development trends.

Core features and amenities of “Metronic” are an unprecedented performance, regular updates, RTL support, real-time preview, and a developer-friendly code. Approach to establishing a killer admin dashboard confidently and comfortably with “Metronic”.

14. Vuexy – Vuejs, React, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template ($32)

Vuexy – free dashboard templates

Vuexy VueJS & Vue + Laravel Admin. The most developer-friendly & highly customizable Vuejs & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template. Auth0 & Firebase Authentication, No jQuery Dependency, Axios & Algolia Ready. Vuexy created a developer-friendly, minimal, clean, highly customizable admin template, which helps you to kick start your next projects/apps.

It provides four different workable applications that enable you to get started and build your applications faster. Vuexy Admin provides 100+ basic & advanced cards for e-commerce, Analytics Statistics, Weather, Charts, Maps, and Interactive. 100+ pages, It contains all the commonly used pages to develop any applications which will ease the developer’s efforts.

You can join the Vuexy Admin GitLab repository to access the latest changes, bug fixes, and features without having to wait for a new Theme Forest release. You have used the most popular Vuexy components and combined them with useful components. Themed them with the same UI of vuexy principles and created a perfect design harmony.

15. Bucket – Admin Bootstrap 3 Responsive Flat Dashboard ($24)

Bucket - free dashboard templates

Bucket Admin is a good-looking and polished admin dashboard template with the flat design concept. Customized Chart, Glace color, Easy to customize everything and developer-friendly code also. Bucket is a fully responsive dashboard, it has built with Bootstrap 3+, HTML5 and CSS3, touch-friendly, Media query and much adaptive with any size viewport including iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet and other devices.

It has a large collection of reusable UI components and also integrated with the latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all types of web applications like custom admin panel, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM. Many the widget are included here to make your application rich & robust.

Features – Built with Bootstrap 3.3.2, HTML5 & CSS3, Flat UI with clean style, Latest jQuery v1.10.2, Fully Responsive & Interactive, Mobile widgets, Huge Components.

More features – Boxed View, jQuery NiceScroll, jQuery Sparklines, Morris Chart, Chartjs, C3js chart, Flot Chart, Gauge, jQuery Easy Pie Chart, jquery-validation-1.11.1, Date, DateTime, time, date range & color Picker(Bootstrap Date, DateTime, time, date range & color Picker). Also, WYSIHTML5 Editor, Multiple/Dual select, Spinner, Integrated Full Calendar(jQuery Full Calendar), Notifications(jQuery Gritter), Tree, Nestable, Bootstrap FuelUX Tree, Google Maps, Vector Maps.

16. Dream

Dream - free dashboard templates

Dream Admin is a bootstrap admin template, and it is free to download. This template builds on the Bootstrap 3 framework along with HTML5 CSS3 and very useful jQuery plugins to create an amazing modern admin panel, web apps dashboards multipurpose theme.

This template is a fully responsive web compatible with multi-browser and devices.

17. Hybrid

Hybrid - free dashboard templates

Hybrid is a Bootstrap Admin Template. This is a modern flat clean designed ready to use responsive dashboard template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing roll and graphs. The hybrid template is completely flexible for all kinds of devices and user-friendly.

The Hybrid admin template is based on the latest design standards, which fits all kinds of requirements with the number of useful plugins. One of the best HTML5 admin free dashboard templates. The customizing of this admin template is very easy with comments inline and high-quality HTML Code.

18. Bluebox

Bluebox - free dashboard templates

Bluebox free bootstrap admin template is a flat metro design ready to use a responsive admin dashboard template. Based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML5, and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs.

One of the best free HTML5 admin dashboard templates. This template is completely flexible and user-friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device.

Conclusion –

So here is the list of Top 20 premium and free dashboard templates in 2020 here. Hope you have already seen this full article. So it’s time to pick a premium or free dashboard templates for your website!

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