3 Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

Welcome to another installment of our best WordPress plugins series! Today, we will get more familiar with some of the best plugins when it comes to ad management in your WordPress site (WordPress ad management plugins).

This is a very important step in any website, especially if you are trying to make some money with it. Presenting various ads and banners to your viewers is not a bad thing. And they will understand that you need to do this in order to keep the website alive.

Regardless of if you are running a small blog where you discuss topics that you are interested in or you operate a huge business website, ads will surely help you in achieving your goals. There are various useful modules that we can look over and tracking down the correct one is by and large the thing we are attempting to achieve with this rundown.

So without any delay, lets explore the list of best WordPress ad management plugins –

1. AdPlugg

AdPlugg - WordPress ad management plugins

This ad management plugin uses the adplugg.com ad servers to deliver amazingly looking ads to your WordPress based website. In order to use this plugin, you will need an AdPlugg free or pro ad service key, which can be acquired from the official website.

The plugin comes with a widget as well as the ability to put image ads anywhere on your website. The widget can easily be dragged and dropped into place without any coding skills.

First, let’s talk about some of the features which are included in the free version of this plugin! One of the main features that are highly praised is the ability to rotate certain ads. This means that each time a visitor refreshes your site; he or she will get a new ad to look upon, meaning that your website won’t be filled with the same ads every single time.

You can also choose to schedule ads or ad groups and only make them visible during a set period of time. This is great for special events or time-based advertisements. You can set default ads that will always show up. You can use one of the preset images or you can even upload your own ad designs.

The plugin also comes with an Analytics page, which shows you in-depth information about the ads on your website. Here, you can see how many times people clicked on individual ads and how much money you earned through them. You can use this page to cater to your viewer’s needs and present them with ads that they might even like.

There are various other types of ads that you can implement into your site as well. Such as text based ads, bar ads, dialog ads, slide-in ads, video ads and even HTML5 ads.

The Professional version allows you to use an unlimited number of ads. It has a great customer support team and it comes with many additional features as well. The Pro version costs $10 each month, but you get a 30 day money-back guarantee. So even if you purchase the premium version and you don’t like it, you can get your money back.


The establishment and arrangement measure is simple and you can evaluate the entirety of the features free of charge. On the off chance that you like the plugin, it is exceptionally exhorted that you follow through on the ease of $10 every month for extra features.


You need to have an adplugg.com account to use this plugin. So the first thing that you will have to do is to register on the official website.

2. AdRotate

AdRotate - WordPress ad management plugins

AdRotate is another plugin that allows you to rotate and schedule ads on your website. However, with this one, you can use a number of advertisement networks. Such as AdSense, DoubleClick, JuiceAds and many others.

The author, Arnan de Gans has already created multiple plugins for WordPress and just like some of his other plugins; this is a highly functioning and useful plugin for any website owner.

On the WordPress plugin repository, AdRotate currently has over 50,000 active installs and it has an overall 4.2 out of 5 stars rating. The plugin is easy to use and provides a Free version with amazing features.

You are able to create your own ads or use one of the many popular advertisement servers to monetize your website. It assigns your ads to groups as well, which makes it a lot easier to work with your existing ones.

You can constantly check how your ads are doing and how much money they brought you. This is a great feature, as you can decide which ads are helpful and get rid of the ones that nobody clicked on in a while.

Managing your ads is very simple, you can add pictures, text as well as a link to them. Create unique groups and set the plugin to rotate all the ads in that particular group for maximum efficiency. You can put these ads anywhere you would like: in the sidebar, embed them into a post or create a separate page for all of your sponsors.

The Pro version unlocks various other options as well. Such as being able to create mobile or tablet specific ads, select days or hours when an ad shows up, target specific countries or even cities as well as many other things. You can even set the plugin to send you email notifications whenever something important happens. With the premium version, you are eligible for email support as well as the support forums.

The Professional license has different plans. Depending on how many websites you have and on how many you wish to use the plugin on, you can choose the plan that suits your needs the most. The Single license allows you to use all of the premium features on one site and it costs 29 euros. If you want the plugin on an unlimited number of sites, you will have to pay 249 euros.


The great thing about the plugin is that you can use any advertisement service to receive your ads or you can even create your own ones. AdRotate is highly customizable and you can literally create any type of ad with it.


The paid license might seem expensive, especially if you want the plugin for unlimited websites. If you like the free features purchase one of the cheaper licenses and try the plugin out before committing to a more expensive plan.

3. WP-Insert


This WordPress ad management plugin was created by Namith Jawahar and this is his one and only plugin. Even if the author might not be as experienced when it comes to plugin creation as many others, he still created an amazing tool for managing your ads. Currently, the plugin has a pretty high rating on the WordPress plugin repository and the author regularly responds to people who leave a review.

This plugin is pretty complicated, especially if you are new to plugins or advertisement. There are so many options that you can enable or disable as well as specific settings on when and where the ads should show up. You can choose if you want the ads to show up on certain pages, after your posts or even in the sidebar, as a widget.

Choosing the advertisement network is also a possibility. So if you want to stick to AdSense or one of the other major networks, you can do this without encountering any problems. You can even integrate ads into your theme using shortcodes.

The ads can be individually designed, so none of the shown ads will be out of place and they will blend in with the layout and style of your website.


If you want to have control over every aspect of your ads, this is the plugin for you. You do not have to pay anything, you will receive all of the features for free. However, you can still choose to donate to the creator of the plugin if you feel like contributing to it.


As there are so many customization options, some people will find this plugin to be very complex. If you do not want to spend hours learning how the plugin operates, choose a different one.


Having the option to easily show ads on your site is not only a huge step forward in turning your blog into a professional site. However, also in making money from the views that you get. You need to remember, however, that ads won’t help you if you do not upload interesting and engaging content on your site.

Choosing any of the WordPress ad management plugins from the list should allow you to place your desired ads on your pages and posts. Depending on which one you end up choosing, you will gain access to various customization options and the ability to add new advertisement networks as well.

Start experimenting and see which one works best for you. Constantly check the statistics page and you will see which one yields the most benefits.

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