5 Best Limit Login WordPress Plugins 2020

Why is it important to secure your WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin?

Website security is one of the most important things you should pay attention to. Building your website with WordPress can be easy and fun. Similar to WordPress there is N number of website builders in the market!

All website building tools have a way to access the administration part of the site. Normally this URL is kept by default and most of the people do not change it. In 99.99% of all WordPress sites, you can go to the administration login page by typing domain.com/wp-admin.

Once there, you can start guessing or start the so called brute forcing the admin username and password. Again, most of the website owners use login credentials that are not very secure and can be easily bruteforced.

Here comes the lifesaver on how to Secure your WordPress site: Use the Limit Login Attempts plugin!

This plugin can block an Internet address(user or a program trying to gain access to your site) from making a large amount of login attempts to your administration backend. After a specified limit on retries, the address will be blocked due to security reasons.

Please note – Normally WordPress allows unlimited login attempts either through the login page: yourdomain.com/wp-admin or by sending special cookies.

How to Secure your WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin?

There are two ways to have the Limit Login Attempts plugin depending on when you need to install it.

1. If you make a brand new installation of WordPress you simply need to click on the tick to include it with the WordPress installation.

2. If you have installed WordPress already, then simply add it using the Plugins category in WordPress.

For you I have also prepared a list of 5 best Limit Login WordPress Plugins in 2020. Let’s have a look over them –

1. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is the most popular and widest used WordPress Brute Force Protection Plugin. This blocks an Internet address from making further attempts after a specified limit on retries. That makes the brute-force attack difficult or impossible.

As we know WordPress allows unlimited login attempts. So the passwords to be cracked easily via brute-force relatively easily. To prevent this, limit the number of login attempts, XMLRPC, Woocommerce, and custom login pages.

Features –

  • Limit the number of retry attempts when logging in (per each IP).
  • Informs the user about the remaining retries or lockout time on the login page.
  • Optional logging and optional email notification.
  • Possible to whitelist/blacklist IPs and Usernames.
  • Sucuri Website Firewall compatibility.
  • XMLRPC gateway protection.
  • Woocommerce login page protection.
  • Multi-site compatibility with extra MU settings.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Custom IP origins support (Cloudflare, Sucuri, etc.)

2. Loginizer – Login Limit WordPress Plugin


Loginizer is the best limit login WordPress plugin that helps you fight against brute force attacks. The plugin blocks login from the IP’s after it reaches maximum retries allowed.

You can blacklist or whitelist IPs for login, along with that it also has other features like Two Factor Auth, PasswordLess Login, etc. to improve the security of your website.

Loginizer is actively used by more than 1000000+ WordPress sites.

Free Features –

  • Brute force protection
  • Failed login attempts logs
  • Blacklist IPs
  • Whitelist IPs
  • Custom error messages on failed login
  • Permission check for important files and folders

Pro Features –

  • MD5 Checksum
  • PasswordLess Login
  • Two Factor Auth via Email
  • Two Factor Auth via App
  • Login Challenge Question
  • reCAPTCHA – Google’s reCAPTCHA
  • Rename Login Page

3. WP Limit Login Attempts

WP Limit Login Attempts

WP Limit Login Attempts plugin is the best WordPress Brute Force Protection Plugin used for login protection, protect the site from brute force attacks.

This plugin limits the rate of login attempts and blocks IP temporarily. It is detecting bots by captcha verification.

Features –

  • Login Security
  • Captcha Verification
  • Lightweight plugin
  • The mechanism for slow down brute force attack
  • Redirect to the home page, when the abnormal request
  • GDPR compliant

4. BruteGuard – Brute Force Login Protection

BruteGuard – Brute Force Login Protection

BruteGuard is a cloud-powered WordPress brute force login protection plugin that shields your site against botnet attacks.

Activate BruteGuard and become a part of an inter-connected protection layer against botnet attacks.

BruteGuard fully supports multi-sites and is an additional security layer so can be used with any other security plugin.

5. Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft

Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft

Limit Attempts plugin is one of the best plugins among various limit login WordPress plugins present in the market. It is considered as a security solution for WordPress which protects your website from spam and brute-force attacks.

It limits the number of failed login attempts per user and blocks user IP for a certain period of time (based on your settings).

You can also manage black and whitelists, receive email notifications, hide website forms for blocked or blacklisted IPs, and other advanced features that guarantee the safety of your data.

Free Features –

  • Automatically block IP addresses
  • Add IP addresses manually & automatically
  • Compatible with Contact Form
  • Set the time interval for letters sending
  • Set the number of emails sent per indicated time interval
  • Hide login, register, lost password forms for blocked or blacklisted IPs
  • Add blacklisted IP address

How to set the WordPress Limit Login Attempts plugin

In order to set up the Limit Login Attempts plugin, go to WordPress backend and click on SETTINGS -> LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS

All the settings are pretty much already set. You can simply change the number of Allowed retries, and check the two notification ticks: Log IP and Email to admin after XX lockouts.

These two settings can alert you that someone is trying to gain access to the back end, so you can take the necessary actions.

To sum up, you can easily secure your WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin with just a few mouse clicks. This one plugin can make the difference from a successful, working, and secure WordPress site to a complete nightmare and even starting your whole project from scratch. Not to mention that this plugin has more than 1+ Million Active Installs.

Conclusion –

Thank you for reading this WordPress tutorial on how to secure your WordPress with Limit Login Attempts plugin. Hope you found the best Brute Force Login Protection plugin from the list of above-mentioned limit login WordPress plugins. Feel free to share and comment.

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