What Makes The Best WordPress Hosting?

The host (WordPress hosting) of your blog is one of the most important factors that has a direct effect on the success or failure of your blog.

Fortunately, unlike in the early days of the blogging bandwagon, there are numerous players in the WordPress hosting arena to choose from. Hence the price for a website hosting has remarkably become competitive and service features have increased in number.

But not all WordPress hosting service providers are consistently delivering the quality desired. Hence, in the end, the WordPress host that provides great hosting at reasonable price sustains in the business.

Not many WordPress hosting service providers fall in this category though. So one needs to be well aware of the right features that one must look for when purchasing a WordPress hosting package, in order to gauge the credibility and reliability of a hosting provider.

At the end of the article, I’d tell you which are the WordPress hosts that I found are very dependable and recommend signing up with.

But before that, let us see what makes a good WordPress hosting?  

Customer Support

Agreed that webhosts have now made most hosting related tasks intuitive and quick. This is one of the reasons why many mediocrely tech savvy people are entering into blogging. Hence, despite the ease of handling a WordPress hosting account, in many instances, help becomes inevitable. Therefore, a web host that provides customer support in various channels must be given priority while purchase.

An example of a WordPress host known for such customer support is HostGator. They have an unmatchable support team that caters to its clientele through various media like – YouTube channel, Facebook page, E-mail support, Ticket support, Toll-free number, troubleshooting forums, and more.


cPanel is a term used for the industry-standard user interface which allows us to manage every aspect of our hosting account from installing CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.) to managing the file hosted on our hosting account. Watch the below video to get a better idea about the cPanel.

To be able to get a free hand on your hosting and its features, you better opt for a package that comes with cPanel. WordPress hosts like FatCow, BlueHost, Hostgator, and many others provide a cPanel interface.    

Compliance with latest technology

The internet, software and web technology at large constantly change for the better. It is imperative that your WordPress hosting is 100% compatible with the latest software, web programs and scripts for smooth functioning of your blog/site. Some such features you need to look out for at present are support of PHP, Python, Ruby on rails, Perl, SQL DB, FTP, IMAP and SMTP.

Most web hosting providers do make these available and keep them updated too. However, it is safe to check for the same.

Ease of CMS installation  

Earlier, installing WordPress was a huge deal. It demanded good knowledge of some programs. Now, a single click installation is prevailing which lets you install any CMS within minutes and with the least comprehension of any web development coding. Check with your hosting if they include this feature. Some hosts call it ‘Quick Install’, while others call it ‘Softaculous’ or ‘Fantastico’. See the below video to see how easy WordPress installation gets this way.

Quick Install at Hostgator

Installing WordPress on Bluehost


Make sure that your WordPress hosting package gives scope for extension as your blog grows. Many hosts provide small packages at cheap price in order to encourage newbie bloggers with less need and minimum budget. Though that is a good sign, having no scope for extension of the plan may cause trouble when your blog gets heavy traffic.

That is when you need to transfer to another hosting provider which is both expensive and tedious.


Freebies are supposed to be an added perk for the host purchasers. But now, with the immense competition, this is no more a perk but almost an obligation.

Opt for WordPress hosting that include freebies like Google Adwards credits, domain registration, free transfers, free email hosting, free sub-domains, free blog templates, free website builder, etc.

Example of Freebies:


Only confident and reliable WordPress hosting providers will be able to publicly announce guarantees for their services amidst all the critics/reviewers.

So go for hosts that provide guarantees like Money back guarantee and uptime guarantee.

BlueHost is the one that offers an anytime money-back guarantee. Many of its competitors like HostGator offer 99.9% uptime and 45 days money-back guarantees.


Like mentioned earlier, with a rise in competition there has been a steep decrease in the hosting rates. However, we would always like to look at the cheaper ones 1st. Checking all possibilities is not a bad idea. But bearing in mind that the cheapest is always not the best is something notable.

I believe that spending about $4 – $7 per month on your WordPress hosting is a reasonable deal. Anything more or less can be speculative. Also, be sure to fetch for and use seasonal discount coupons which various hosting providers roll out time to time. This way, you can strike the best deal.

Best WordPress Hosting Provides – My experience

I have been choosing hosts for my blogs, as well as for some of my client’s blogs for over 10 years now. I have had both good and bad experiences with several hosts. This led me to craft this article to help out others who are now in the decision making phase that I was a couple of years ago. It took me many trials and cash drain before I figured out how to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Nevertheless, I have come to a point where I can make a better and confident decision in the subject, and I indeed stick to three WordPress hosting providers –BlueHost, HostGator, and FatCow.

Conclusion –

All the above-mentioned criteria can be seen with these three hosts and therefore they make it to my list of reliable hosting. All three have most up-to-date scripts and program support, multiple useful freebies, exceptional uptime guarantee, money-back guarantee we may never need, unmatchable customer support, and above all realistic and reasonable pricing.

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