7+ Best Web Hosting Companies 2020

Are you planning on building your website this year?

The first step in creating your online money-making empire is by purchasing a web hosting plan. This is your tool to create as many or as few websites you want to build.

Here are the top web hosting companies that you should check out in 2020.

1. BlueHost

(Price: Starts from $3.95/mo)

Bluehost - Web Hosting Service

Key Features

  • 24×7 tech support
  • $100.00 Google AdWords
  • Flexible admin panel
  • Free Domain name
  • Unlimited Web domain subdomains, and email addresses
  • User-friendly site builder

Launched in 1996, BlueHost is one of the pioneers in the web hosting industry. BlueHost’s main priority has always been providing clients with service excellence.

To keep being a top player in the industry, BlueHost developed and continues to develop applications that help customers like VPS protection.

This technology gets rid of the challenges in a performance that other shared hosts are faced with.

2. iPage

(Price: Starts from $2.25/mo.)


Key Features

  • 24×7 tech support
  • Advertising credits for Google, Facebook, and Bing/Yahoo
  • Easy to navigate control panel
  • Free security suite
  • Free Domain name
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited storage space
  • User-friendly site builder

Cheaper than most companies that offer the same kind of features and services, iPage offers almost all the things you need in webpage hosting. With an interface that is easy to use and very user-friendly, it is at times hard to believe that the datacenters are fueled by renewable energy.

With the free security suite, you will be given your own security certificate-which you can use the display on your website to let your visitors know that they are protected with business verification, malware check, and daily spam scanning.

This service also offers 24×7 tech support but you may not need it at all because of the 100% searchable FAQ database complete with how-to and step by step tutorials to get you the answers you need.


(Price Starts From ₹49/mo ($0.66/mo))


Key Features:

  • Super Fast & Advance Secure Website Hosting
  • Quality Service
  • Huge Variety Of Domain Names
  • Highly Secured SSL
  • No Price Hike On Renewal & Transfer
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Affordable Prices Than Others
  • Original License
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Latest Technology And Softwares
  • Freebies On Almost Every Plan
  • 24*7 Excellent Live Customer Support

Hostrik is one of the experts and leading in the web hosting industry & domain name registration, with an enviable and proven track record for providing the best domain-hosting services from beginner to professional level.

Within a very short span of time, it reached the pick by providing super-fast and advanced secure web hosting services worldwide.

Its ist class data center and indomitable servers are specially customized to client needs and tier-3 and tier-4 data centers enable to provide you with the best uptime.

The main thing,

You will not only get SSL, business email for free but they provide free domain also. And with no hike on renewal & transfer. Yes, you have to pay the same price for renewal and transfer.

Apart from this, you will get excellent advance security like a regular scan of the virus, we anti-malware and brute force defender system.

If you are a reseller, you will get white label reseller hosting also at a very affordable cost. Must try once and experience yourself!

4. Namecheap

(Price: Starts from $2.25/mo)

Namecheap - Web Hosting Company


  • 24×7 support
  • Free cPanel
  • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Storage space
  • Money-back guarantee

Regarded by many as the cheapest web hosting service in the industry, one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is “Is this really the company to go for?”

The answer to that will highly depend on what your needs are for a hosting company.

Namecheap’s price is the main advantage they have over competitors in the web hosting industry. If you are relatively new to the industry and you can stay well within their set limits, Namecheap is more than adequate to fill your needs. With a money-back guarantee in the initial contract, you cannot lose if your needs are not sufficiently met.

5. HostGator

(Price: Starts from $3.95/mo)

HostGator - Web Hosting Service

Key Features

  • 24×7 tech support
  • Advertising credits for Google, Facebook, and Bing/Yahoo
  • Easy to navigate control panel
  • Storage space
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • User-friendly site builder
  • No contracts

Being one of the top 10 biggest companies in web hosting, Hostgator provides an over the top service that makes you think your money really was well-spent.

They are one of the very few companies that offer a monthly web hosting plan so you don’t get to be tied up in a yearly contract.

Accredited by the US Department of Commerce and certified by the European Commission, you can rest assured that your website is well guarded against hacker attacks.

Aside from those, you will also get free well-researched SEO tips and how-to’s to get your website included on the top search engine platforms, and a scanner for malware and other online dangers.

6. JustHost

(Price: Starts from $3.95/mo)

JustHost - Web Hosting Company

Key Features

  • 24×7 support
  • Free advertising credits
  • Free domain for life
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited Email addresses
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free website templates
  • Best site builder in the industry

Currently cited as the best web hosting organization in the world, it is exceptionally hard to find any flaws with JustHost. Their slogan, “Everything you will EVER need to host and manage your Website” is true in its entirety.

They literally give you all hosting and managing features you will need to maintain your website, plus a lot more.

Their free templates, as well as their site builder, are fresh, up-to-date, and very easy to use for newbies and veterans alike. JustHost is a living testament against the norm that the higher the price, the better the service.

The price tag for their service may be low, but you will get exceptional service, plus they have a money-back guarantee if they don’t deliver to your satisfaction. How can you lose?

7. Hostinger

(Price: Starts from $0.80/mo)

Hostinger - Web Hosting Service Provider

Key Features

  • 24×7 support
  • Free advertising credits
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Customizable website templates
  • Exceptional site builder

Considered by many as the new player in town, it is easy to dismiss Hostinger when choosing a web hosting provider, but this will be a mistake. It is hard to identify how they provide such stellar service for a very low price.

The templates they provide are fully customizable to satisfy your wants and needs, you may be an entrepreneur with a start-up business, a seasoned veteran in the field, or a hobbyist – no matter what kind of website you are looking to make, Hostinger ensures you’ll find what you are looking for.

With the package, it will be easy to think that the possibilities are only as limited as your dreams. Their site-builder has tons of how-to’s and tutorial videos that even let you embed HTML code into your website.

8. HostMonster

(Price: Starts from $3.95)


Key Features

  • 24×7 tech support
  • Google Advertising credits
  • Web file manager
  • Multimedia hosting
  • Redundant maximizing systems

With more than 15 years of servitude to the community under its hat, HostMonster is one of the top companies to ponder being a part of for your Web-hosting needs.

They claim, and stay true to a statement they once announced, “Our customers are important to us, we provide superior customer service, in addition to the best website hosting at the lowest price.”

Though ranked in the middle in terms of price, you definitely get more than your money’s worth with all the features and freebies that they give. Not all web hosting companies offer as much as what HostMonster does.

To top it all off, they have a more than helpful Knowledge-based center than can cater to your technical needs through step by step video tutorials, tips, guidelines, etc. all available aside from the support provided through phone, email, or chat.

In Conclusion

Picking the right company for your webhosting needs can be tricky. After all, your website says a lot about your online reputation. So, if you are at this stage in your business plan, take a good time to consider your wants and needs before signing up with a company.

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