[3] Best Treehouse Alternatives In 2021

Are you looking for a Treehouse Alternatives?

Then, you have landed at the right place. As you probably know, technology continues to impact and reshape our lives.

Coding plays a major role in these technological advancements. After all, coding is the way computers solve problems and communicate with each other. Those that understand these complex computer languages reap the benefits.

While computer language can certainly be complicated, it doesn’t mean, with a little time and effort, you can’t learn it. In fact, some online learning platforms specifically cater to technology “newbies” wishing to change careers or keep their skills up to date.

Treehouse is a popular online learning platform allowing just about anyone the chance to learn to code. From tackling the basics, to getting a Treehouse Tech Degree, you can find lots of valuable information in the online courses.

Treehouse is a subscription-based service. This means you pay a monthly fee to access the courses. You can choose a couple of different subscription options based on your budget and the perks you want from the program. They say some people find the cost or the idea of a monthly subscription undesirable.

As with any decision, you want to make sure you examine the alternatives. With a little time and research, you could find an online learning platform best suits your needs.

So what are some Treehouse alternatives? Here are some options –

1. Coursera

Coursera - Treehouse Alternatives

Coursera is an online learning platform partnering with several renowned educational institutions such as the University of Michigan and the University of Science and Technology of China. It offers over 3,000 courses in information technology, computer science, personal development, and more.

Like Treehouse, Coursera has a monthly subscription package where you can complete specialized programs or even an online degree (admission requirements are needed for an online degree). Coursera also offers the opportunity to purchase individual classes without a monthly subscription. Some classes are even free.

If you’re just looking to take a couple classes to improve your coding skill set, Coursera may be a good option.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy - Treehouse alternatives

Want to see how 45 million others learned about coding? Then you might want to check out Codecademy. Want another reason? You could learn coding for free.

Codecademy believes if you could read you can code. That’s a pretty empowering statement.  Like Treehouse, Codecademy is geared towards helping those with little or no coding experience learn the skills to take careers to the next level. Courses include web development, programming and computer science, data science, and more. In fact, Codecademy will help put you on the right track by answering a few questions why you want to learn code.

Codecademy helps you learn by doing. Within minutes, you could start writing your first piece of code and get instant feedback as soon as you submit it. How’s that for instant gratification? In addition, you will be tested with real-world projects and quizzes.

As mentioned earlier, Codecademy has free courses. Many of them can be completed in about 11 hours. If you want to invest some money in your future, Codecademy offers a premium service with access to more quizzes, portfolio-building projects, and customized paths based on your career goals. The premium service has a monthly subscription cost of $39.99. They also offer discount options if you want to pay in full for a yearly or six-month subscription.

Codecademy is certainly worth looking into if you want to find alternatives to Treehouse.

3. Pluralsight

Pluralsight - Treehouse Alternatives

Formerly known as Code School, Pluralsight is another subscription-based service offering online learning for a variety of technology topics.

What sets Pluralsight apart from other competitors? Those that wish to learn coding and other skills often don’t know where to start. Pluralsight IQ allows you to answer 20 questions so you can understand your strengths and knowledge gaps. The results help you to determine a path that is right for you. For example, those looking to learn more about C# coding can take the path with 18 courses taking about 52 hours.

Expert-led classes include subjects like software development, information & cyber security, data professional, and manufacturing & design.

Personal plans start at $35 a month or discounted rate of $299 billed annually. The subscription includes access to the entire course library, designated learning paths, course completion certificates, offline viewing, and more.

Want to see if Pluralsight is right for you? You could try the free 10-day trial.

Conclusion –

As you could see, there are several great options if you want to explore the exciting world of computer coding. Find the online learning platform that resonates with you and take advantage of any free trial offers.

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