Best Free SEMrush Alternative 2020

Are you also looking for the SEMrush alternative?

Then, you have landed at the right place. Because one fine day while I got a chance and explored the internet and found an amazing tool which will be the perfect alternative to SEMrush i.e Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer

Although it is true that it does not offer all the statistics that SEMrush can offer. However, it provides much valuable information, page metrics and a lot in FREE. Also, I am going to teach you a secret (at the end of the article) to do SEO like a professional in your niche no matter what.

Metrics for this alternative to SEMrush

SEO analysis

Point out all the SEO errors you need to correct on your pages or posts to increase your ranking. This analysis shows site health, broken links, problems, redirects, and crashes.

Analysis inspection

Clicking on any of the results above; You will get a complete report of the things to adjust on each page detected by the tool. The audit performed by this alternative to SEMrush prioritizes each suggested solution based on the potential impact of the traffic. Once the changes have been made; you can rerun the report and check if it went well.

Site speed

In this result, you can check the loading and rendering performance of your site. One tip is that according to Google’s new requirements on mobile indexing first; be sure to stay within three seconds.

Audit report

This alternative not only points out errors; It provides step-by-step instructions on how you can solve each one of them. This is undoubtedly very useful but it is not the characteristic that makes it special.

What else can be done with this Neil tool?

Apart from the aforementioned functionalities; In the left sidebar, you will find tabs with more functionalities, among them «Keyword ideas» and «Content ideas»; But if your site is new (like this one for example) that has a little more than two months online, it will not give you many results. It works best with sites that already have time on the web, as there is a lot of information and history available.

Free “thousand bucks” functionality + cheats

This is the secret that I promised you at the beginning of this article. This tool can analyze any domain that you order; consequently, it can be used as a SEMrush to keep your competition under control. When you analyze a domain; It will show you four boxes with super valuable information from that site.

By clicking on each of them you can see:

1. SEO score: it allows you to know if your score is lower or higher than that of your competition and you can take actions to improve your score if you retain it in a timely manner.

2. Organic traffic: it lets you know if your competition is attracting a greater amount of public than you; in the same way you can take actions to improve your titles and descriptions; make them more striking and improve your CTR.

3. Keywords: you can see the words by which your competition is positioning itself, how many visits those keywords are generating.

Quick tip: If you notice that your competition keywords are the same as yours, and it ranks higher than you; you can take action to improve the content of that specific page. Nurture it with information from your own experiences and inject some backlinks to complement the information.

4. Backlinks: This result not only shows the links that point to the analyzed site; It also shows the authority of anchor domains and allows you to access these links directly. What is this information for? as I said in this article: “By having your competition linked, it is very likely that they will also link you if you provide them with more complete material”


This tool in my personal opinion as this SEMrush alternative is completely free, it provides high-quality information that until just under a month ago was exclusive of expensive services.

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