The Ultimate List of Facebook Tools for Business

Facebook offers many opportunities with its own Business Tools for those who want to promote their businesses. Since people share their information with Facebook. It’s quite straightforward to characterize them by their traits and the places they live in. It also identifies people’s interests by analyzing their posts and search history.

Therefore, Facebook can easily find your target audience. And show them any type of advertisement you want just by using the information within its network. It’s certainly an outstanding social environment to take advantage of when it comes to advertising.

Now we will present the best Facebook Business Tools one by one. So you can decide which ones can help you the most in improving your business management and customer base. As we said, Facebook offers many of these tools and we will cover the rest of them as well in our next three lists. Each one of them is based on a different idea. Hence providing you with different benefits, so choose wisely and enjoy reading!

As this list turned out very lengthy, we decided to break it into four main sections. This will help you browse through the whole list more easily:

Section 1:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • FB Pages Manager Application
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Canvas
  • FB Business Power Editor
  • Facebook Ads Create Tool

Section 2:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Post Engagement Ads
  • FB Business Page Like Adverts
  • Facebook Slideshow Ads
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • FB Lookalike Audiences
  • Facebook Hashtags
  • Facebook Clicks to Website Ads

Section 3:

  • Facebook Event Response Ads
  • Facebook Video Views
  • Fb Dynamic Ads
  • Facebook Local Awareness Ads
  • Facebook Carousel Adverts
  • FB Offer Claim Ads
  • Facebook Lead Adverts

Section 4:

  • Facebook Adverts for App Installs and App Engagement
  • Facebook Canvas Adverts
  • FB Pixel
  • Facebook Partner Categories
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • FB Audience Network
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Bonus (Facebook Alternative)

Section 1:

Facebook Pages

Facebook is a kind of place where billions of people are in one place to connect with each other and things they really care about. The reason why a Facebook page is an outstanding tool to reach your business goals is that your page can act as the voice of your business. On Facebook, you can easily connect with people who are interested. Creating a page is completely free, and you can build it up with essential information. You can add your logo, photos, opening hours, the story of your business, contact, and much more.

Once you complete your page, it will be available via Google search and Facebook search as well. Your customers can receive full attention, as you can post photos, events, links, videos, upcoming events, or other useful information. Whenever your business reaches an important goal, you can simply share your success with your followers. They will be happy to see your progress.

Your posts will likely show up in more and more people’s news feed who liked your page. So they will be always informed. Facebook can also boost pages for you, which opens the possibility to reach even more customers. Ensure a great place online for your business where it can grow day-by-day.

Facebook Page Insights

With Page Insights, you can be fully aware of what posts are people interested in on your page. And you can also rule out the less popular ones in the future. Just a click on the Insights button and Facebook shows you all the details you need in order to assess your page traffic and engagement. As you process these pieces of information, you can finally focus on the type of content that really grabs the attention of your followers.

Take a look at the number of your page likes, the number of people reached. And their engagement with your page. These are all shown in diagrams with additional information about last week’s progress. If you need even more detailed info, just click one of the tabs at the top and examine the thorough information given by Page Insights. It always gives you valuable feedback by cleverly keeping track of the traffic generated through your posts.

Facebook Pages Manager Application

Once you’ve set up your page, you might want to check and update it from time to time, possibly a few times every day. You don’t need to necessarily sit down to your PC or laptop on every occasion.

Sometimes it’s simpler and less time consuming if you just manage it through your phone. Especially if you are busy doing something else. The Pages Manager app is the perfect solution to this problem. And it’s available on Android and iOS devices as well.

You can completely monitor your page with your phone wherever you are. While all the features can be used at the same time in this fast, user-friendly application. Post your content, create events, and reply to comments, thus easily keeping up the flow on your page.

You can access the same detailed data with the Activity and Insights tab. As you would on your PC browser, including the diagrams and the percentage indicators. Download it from Google Play or Apple Apps now and you will be able to manage your page anytime and anywhere.

Facebook Business Tools

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger basically reinvented how people and businesses communicate. Instead of e-mail, people can now ask questions about services and products. They are interested in real-time conversations instead of waiting for emails that may never come.

It’s an excellent tool for providing private support. This sense of real-time magic is nowadays essential for every professional business. Make it easier for your customers to find you by putting your Facebook page’s scan code on your website and social media pages.

Spread it out in your stores and print it on your business cards as well. So people can reach you at any time. Facebook has a unique, but customizable username for every page and it shows up underneath your Page title starting with an @ symbol. This is an identifier that people can use whenever they want to contact a particular company through Messenger.

Personalized interaction always leads to growing sales, and that’s why you should use chatbots. Set up a clever Messenger bot and provide your clients with an interactive customer experience.

Auto replies and greetings can be also a great time saver for every busy entrepreneur. All these solutions can be set up in Messenger in a few minutes without any difficulty. Of course, there are a bunch of other features that make this app even better. So you should definitely download it and check it out.

Facebook Canvas

Nowadays, people are usually discovering trends, brands, and products online through a few mobile apps, including Facebook. Therefore, advertisers always had to figure out something to grab people’s attention and present their products in a way that people enjoy, while also bringing them significant revenue.

On the other hand, when someone clicks on an ad. It’s oftentimes a frustrating experience because of the lack of mobile optimization and the slow loading times. Therefore, advertisers needed a better and universal way for sharing information that solves all these problems. That’s when Facebook built Canvas.

With Canvas, a completely new full-screen, post-click, and immersive ad experience have been developed. And it loads the moment you need it. Businesses now have the opportunity to show their products and tell their stories in a beautiful way, all around the world. Multimedia stories can be created in an amazing, customizable digital space. It can be filled with videos, text, images, and call-to-action buttons in order to effectively advertise your business in an appealing way.

People can easily swipe through this abundance of content and stop every time they found something interesting. With its technology, Canvas loads videos and photos 10 times faster than a standard page. All in all, it’s a top-notch advertising tool in all aspects.

Facebook Business Power Editor

With the Power Editor, Facebook made it possible to create and manage your advertisements in bulk. It gives you a certain level of control over your advertisements and campaigns which were not available at all in the standard ad trade interface.

Although this app is mainly used by professionals, it can be used as a great resource for small-scale campaigns, too. Power Editor is fully compatible with Google Chrome, but it’s not recommended to use it in other browsers.

Power Editor ensures you a huge improvement in your workflow, as you will have bulk features right at your fingertips within only one window. Copy or paste from Excel, duplicate your ads, or even apply targeting changes to hundreds of advertisements at the same time. This is the type of workflow that lets you spend most of your time optimizing campaigns instead of creating ads.

The Ads Create tool limited your campaign goals to a single one, but thanks to the enhanced optimization opportunities. You will be able to set multiple goals alongside a single campaign. Whether it’s for a career shift or a personal business. This is your opportunity to take your advertising to the next level by making your Facebook advertising strategy complete with Power Editor.

Facebook Ads Create Tool

The key goals of this ad creation tool are to increase your post engagement, to achieve more sales, and to raise conversions. At first, you need to choose a campaign objective by deciding whether you want more visitors to your website or a higher post engagement, which is quite similar to boosting posts. Upload an image for your campaign or choose it from the abundance of free images.

You can even set 2-3 different images with their particular ad set to be available for each defined audience segment (Females 18-24, Males 18-24 etc.). The ads can be previewed in the Desktop and Mobile News Feed and the Right Column as well. Choose the audience you want to target by interests, demographics, location and behaviors and Facebook immediately finds them for you by the given details.

Actually, it displays right away how many people can be reached by each attribute if you start experimenting with the keyword suggestions. If you have some regular customers, just upload a contact list and the Custom Audiences feature will help you in finding them. Optimizing for clicks as a bidding strategy helps you to receive more clicks on your ad. The post engagement option optimizes your bid to increase engagement on a particular Page post.

This is our second list of Facebook Business Tools and we are going to talk about 8 additional tools that can give you a huge advantage in promoting and managing your business. There will be 4 lists in total, so you can discover all of the Business Tools just by reading our series. We wrote an overview for each of them, thus making it easier for you to decide which ones can benefit you the most. Enjoy reading and stay tuned for our next article!

Section 2:

Facebook Ads Manager

The Ads Manager gives you access to a set of highly effective features for monitoring and managing your ads. It’s never been easier to keep track of your campaigns, notifications, and the money you spent each day. You don’t need to calculate anything by yourself, because this tool always provides you with the amount of data needed to achieve your goals while being completely aware of your progress.

There are separate tabs available for the detailed information of your campaigns, ad sets and ads, and you can simply switch between them. Although Ads Manager displays a huge variety of information, you can get an explanation for each unclear column by simply hovering with your mouse over the question marks.

Each tab gives you the opportunity to switch your campaigns, ad sets, or ads on and off whenever you want by clicking on their status. You can also select them one by one and take a look at the additional metrics with an interactive graph that shows you the daily performance. All the data can be filtered and arranged as well in a straightforward way. If you are rather a mobile phone user, consider downloading the mobile app which offers you the same features through its user-friendly interface.

Facebook Post Engagement Ads

On Facebook, it often happens that you post something on your Page that may be useful for many people, but they are just out of your circle, so you can’t really get to them. Many people share the same interest, and there is actually an easy solution to reach them. All you need to do is to just start running a Post Engagement ad, and suddenly, your business will be introduced to a broader audience. More people will like, comment, and share the content you have posted on your Page.

It’s as simple as that, and the more people you have engaged with your posts, the more insights you get about the products they like. Communication is a key factor if you want your business to blossom. You choose the target audience by age, location, interests, and gender before you run the ad. Your Page needs to have a certain voice and presence on Facebook that allows you to keep more and more people informed about your business.

Facebook Business Page Like Adverts

Page Like ads are all about reaching the people who are interested enough in your content to like your Page. From then on, your posts will be shown on their news feed from time to time. As a result, you will have more customers and lots of people will be aware of your business. It’s time to build up your community and encourage everyone to provide you with their useful feedback.

At first, decide which of your ads is the best suitable for getting people’s attention. Then you can specifically set it up to find the type of people you meant to reach. You can narrow your target audience to a certain city, age limit, gender or even interests and Facebook will attempt to reach those users right away. It will be delivered to people who are most likely going to click the like button, and then it’s just a matter of time until your Page becomes enriched with followers.

As your community gets active, more and more data will be generated for your Page Insights, thus you can analyze them and approach your business in a better way. You will know exactly what to post, and when to post it, thus attracting a greater community and steadily accomplishing your business goals.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

There are many ways to advertise your business, and you also can’t get around the fact that most people use their mobile phones for internet browsing. Therefore, it’s inevitable to search for the best ways to evoke their interest in your service or product. You need to catch their attention through their gadgets. One of the best ways to do it is by using Facebook’s Slideshow, which allows you to create short, simple and appealing videos.

Not everyone has high-speed Internet or top notch mobile devices, but this type of ad actually supports low bandwidth connections and it can be viewed via any device connected to the web. Not to mention that a Slideshow can be created within a few minutes just by adding a few photos and a little customization.

Once you figured out the purpose of your campaign, select your objective, define the target audience, set a certain budget and you’re set. Many people will receive the story of your brand, which will lead to a significantly larger customer circle.

Facebook Business Manager

When it comes to business, the Facebook team had to think about those businesses that have many different people and agencies working and advertising together. Of course, it would be quite frustrating if everyone in a particular team had to log in via the same account and using the same login information. With Business Manager, this problem is cleverly solved once and for all.

First, you need to create an admin account for your business and add the people you want to work with by using their email addresses. From then on, you can simply assign the members of your team to work on Pages or certain ad accounts while keeping track of their progress in the meantime.

They can fulfill different roles specified by their accounts, thus helping you to manage your pages, apps and ad accounts as well. This way, you will have full control over your Facebook assets and the people who manage them. It guarantees seamless work, clarity, and flexibility, all integrated into a user-friendly interface.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

If you take into account that there are millions of people on Facebook who regularly scroll through their News Feed day by day. Then there is a pretty high possibility that a significant number of people share highly similar traits. Lookalike Audiences analyzes the main traits of your customer base and it uses this information to find similar type of people who might be interested in your business. This searching process is not strictly based on the people who liked your Page. It can be based on Custom Audiences by using emails, websites, app data or phone numbers.

Facebook will find them for you, and then it depends on your adverts whether they are interested in your offers or not. There is also a slider available where you can optimize the similarity of the target audience. Of course, a high similarity results in a narrow audience so consider carefully.

Nowadays, everyone can see the most relevant ads on their News Feed based on what interests them in their life. Be a part of this stream of advertisements and provide the right people with valuable and meaningful information about your business.

Facebook Hashtags

Whenever you post something, you can add hashtags as well, which are basically pieces of text turned into clickable hyperlinks. If you feel like emphasizing something along your text, just hit the # button and add a hashtag to your post. Its main purpose is to help people find the particular topics they are interested in. Once you click it, a feed of posts will appear that include that hashtag.

It’s a good way to promote your brand just by figuring out a hashtag that evokes people’s attention so they can bring together an online community. Besides connecting with each other, they will connect to your brand at the same time. For example, collect photos of people using your products and using a specific hashtag (like the name of your company) on each of those pictures. All you need to do is to tag your content into a hashtag and promote it, thus forming a strong bond between the story of your business and a group of people.

However, there can’t be any spaces or special characters in a hashtag, just single words or phrases. Hashtags were strongly associated with Twitter back then, but now they are quite popular on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram as well.

Facebook Clicks to Website Ads

Use your Facebook adverts to send people to different sections of your website. Give them the option to easily get to your online store, product page or home page just by clicking on your ad. After all, your website has to be the main source of information where customers can find out the most about your business and the products they want to buy. Therefore, you need to make it accessible from as many places as possible.

People will see your ad in their News Feed from time to time among the other posts of their friends, family and the things they like. Send them a nice message through your ad and attach a photo or video as well. Try to arouse their interest and they will be more likely to take a little tour on your website.

As many of Facebook’s other features, Clicks to Website also allows you to narrow down your campaign by specifying the audience you want to reach. Use it cleverly and reach the right people with the appropriate interests to ensure the growth of your business.

Welcome to our third list in the series of Facebook Business Tools. We already covered half of them in our previous two articles, so if you have read all of them, you should have a deeper understanding of what these Facebook Business tools are all about by now. The reason why it’s recommended to learn more about all of them is because each Business Tool can improve your business in a different way. When it comes to advertising and managing your business online, you can definitely find a clever solution in this series of articles.

Section 3:

Facebook Event Response Ads

Business events can bring many people together and it’s also a great way to show your customers that you appreciate their contribution to your success in a form of a party or opening. On the other hand, you can announce an exposition every time a new set of products is about to arrive in your shops, so people can see them or even try them.

Nowadays, you just need to create an event on your Facebook Page and everyone who matters can be invited within a few minutes. However, when it comes to your business, the more people who attend, the more successful it will be, right? With Event Response ads, it’s much easier to reach a huge number of people with your events.

Just specify the audience you want to reach, and your event will appear in their news feed so they can add it to their Facebook calendars at any time. You will be able to measure the success of your advert by keeping track of the people who responded to it. An Event Response advert is an amazing tool that can maximize the success of your event.

Facebook Video Views

People watch over 100 million hours of video content daily on Facebook, which is an important factor to take into account if you want to advertise your products and business. It’s time to create a simple and imposing video that has the potential to significantly expand your audience. Facebook allows you to forward these video ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in your business.

All you need to do is to create an appealing video which instantly grabs the attention of the viewer. This can be achieved by showing the proper captions, logos and products while using the colours and imagery that mostly represents your business.

Once you have figured out the main story and theme of your video, create it and Facebook will help you to specify your budget and target audience. After that, a search will begin for the people who will probably going to click on your video to watch it. It’s another good way to tell your story and bring more people to your customer base and community who appreciate your work.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

If your customers regularly browse your website or mobile app. Why not promote your stuff to them via Instagram, Facebook, and Audience Network as well?

Of course, you don’t really want to configure thousands of different ads in order to reach them on those social media sites. Dynamic adverts can do it for you automatically with single- and multi-product ads as well.

Choose the catalog you want to promote and add the information that your ads will contain. After adding a Facebook pixel to your site, or Facebook SDK to your app with your developer. It will report which products were being viewed, added to cart, or purchased. Configure your Dynamic ads in Power Editor, where you can decide whether to show products from your entire catalogue or just specific categories.

Your customers will see the most relevant ads on their Facebook, Instagram, or Audience Network based on their interests. For example, if you own a PC shop and someone regularly looks at the gaming mouses on your website. Dynamic ads will most likely go to show him adverts of similar products on his social media sites. By keeping track of these ads, you will always know which of your products are doing well in the market.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

When you run a business, you usually have a bunch of things to do. However, you can use Facebook to help you out in achieveing many of your goals just by starting a campaign. One of the most important goals is to make people aware of your business in the area around your shops. Try to set up a Local Awareness ad and let them know what your business looks like and how to get there.

Add an appealing image of the shop environment and the people you work with, it will surely help them to keep the place in mind. Don’t forget to add the Get Directions button which can show your customers where your business exactly is. Give a clever name to your advert and decide how much you want to spend on it and how long you want to run it.

You can set the area and the type of people you want to reach as well with just a few clicks. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your ad, then the last step is to finalize it and Facebook will take care of the rest. Your ad will show up in the News Feed of many people and soon your shops will be filled with curious customers.

Facebook Carousel Adverts

Have you ever heard of the Carousel format? It’s basically a set of pictures showcased within a single ad unit. You can take advantage of this interactive format by adding a range of pictures one after another, thus forming a run-on image chain. But that was just an example, you can actually try out many impressive patterns to evoke interest in your customers. You can even tell a story about your business across these cards.

This type of advertisement is totally interactive and costs exactly the same as simple video or single-image ads. It doesn’t matter which kind of business you have, because as long as it has a story, a set of products or certain services, you can put together a great photo set that will grab the attention of the audience.

Five is the maximum amount of images you can feature with Carousel Adverts, and each of them can have a description, headline, and a link attached as well. If you don’t want to bother optimizing your video or image order, Facebook will do it for you in a second. Get ready to give your customers a professional ad experience.

Facebook Offer Claim Ads

Sometimes a few discounts and offers are all that is needed to get the attention of potential customers. There will always be a group of people who won’t try your product or service, unless you give them a little motivation to do so. However, if they are satisfied with what they get, they will probably come back in the future or even become one of your regular customers.

Nowadays it’s pretty easy to set up offers and discounts by creating Offer Claim ads on Facebook. Once you have a Facebook Page, you are just a few clicks away from creating your advert. It’s a great way to encourage lots of people to come to your store, take a look around and take advantage of your deals. As you set up the offer, you can make it available for people who liked your Page and a broader audience as well.

It will be available for a limited time and a limited group of people who can claim it while it lasts. An impressive image and a short but effective text are all you need to get your ad rolling. It’s an opportunity that every business owner should consider from time to time if they want their company to expand and improve.

Facebook Lead Adverts

Collecting lead info from your customers doesn’t need to be a difficult task at all. With Facebook’s Lead Adverts, your forms will get to the right people with minimum effort. It’s absolutely privacy-safe and your customers can quickly complete them on their mobile and desktop devices as well. Deliver your ad creatively by using the carousel format. A few pictures will surely grab the attention of the target audience.

You can customize each form by adding various multiple choice questions and contact fields. Just a single click or tap on your ad, and they will see a form pre-populated with info. After all, Facebook already knows most of the contact information, so why not fill them in right away? It gets right to the point and as a result, the form process is always quick and accurate. Sometimes it needs a little editing, and they can click the submit button to finally sign up.

From then on, your customers will receive newsletters, price estimates, demos, offers, and more quite regularly. It’s important to know more about the interests and preferences of your customers and to keep them up to date about your business and products. Lead Adverts can make it much simpler to keep up the flow of information between you and your customers.

At last, but not least, we wrote a few paragraphs about the remainder of the Facebook Business Tools. So you can get familiar with the full repertoire of tools that can make your business better. We even included Facebook Blueprint, which is the main source of knowledge when it comes to advertising and business management on Facebook. As you go through the list, you will know more about promoting your apps, keeping track of website traffic, reaching certain audiences, and a couple of advertising methods.

Section 4:

Facebook Adverts for App Installs and App Engagement

Once you got a nice app done for your business, you only need to let people know that they can download it. But not just any people, because with Facebook, you can get to the audience that is most likely interested in your business. You only need to create an App Install or an App Engagement campaign depending on your purpose. The first one is for letting your customers know that you have an app ready for them that they can download and install on their devices. With the second one, you can choose a specific area of your app and redirect them with a link.

Each of the two options will show an ad in the News Feed of your customers. As they tap on your ad, it will take them to the app store, developer page, or a certain area of your app. For example, you can show the brand new set of products that were recently uploaded to your app. If they have already installed the app, the link brings them right to the products. And if not, it will ask them if they want to install it. It’s as simple as that, and it’s all measurable by integrating your app with Facebook SDK.

Facebook Canvas Adverts

When it comes to promoting your business. You need to show something impressive that grasps their attention through their mobile phones as well. With Canvas ads, you can put together a range of videos, images, and call-to-action buttons. Thus creating a unique and appealing ad experience for your customers. Just a single tap and they can swipe through an interesting story that is related to your business or an awesome product that just came out.

People can zoom in and even tilt their phone to take a look at the panoramic images you attached. One of the main advantages of a Canvas ad is that it loads 10 times faster than the mobile web using the technology of Facebook’s application. The exact same speed can be achieved with both Android and iOS. This is the type of ad that has the potential to truly impress your customers.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a really useful piece of code that can be applied to your website to be able to measure and optimize your on-going ad campaigns and build audiences more easily. It can show your ad to people who are most likely to be interested and even reach those users who visited the product page of your website. On the other hand, you can keep track of the traffic on your website by following it through the Facebook pixel dashboard.

If anyone visits your website and takes action, the pixel will immediately report it. After that, a search begins which will try to match the action with a Facebook user. With this method, it can be easily determined who clicked on your advert. As more conversions happen on your site, Facebook will get better at showing your ad to the audience that is more likely to take action. If you want your adverts to bring you lots of customers. It’s essential to add a Facebook Pixel to your website.

Facebook Partner Categories

Facebook has some third-party data partners that provide information about the offline behaviors of people. For example, these include being in the market for a new product, owning a home, or even being a regular customer of a brand. With Partner Categories, you can set a target audience based on these behaviors, which is particularly useful if you don’t have access to customer data as a business owner. You can simply add these categories to any of your ad campaigns in the Ads Manager after you requested them from one of the data partners.

The data partners are selected companies that collect information from loyalty card programs, public records, independent data providers, or surveys. Partner Categories are perfect for advertisers who have goals in the brand or offline sales. They can help you in increasing brand awareness, creating better video and photo ads, and measuring your success.

Facebook Custom Audiences

With this powerful tool, you can find people on Facebook who have already shown interest by visiting your website. By finding them, a new kind of audience will be available for you to be re-engaged with, through your ads. It’s quite straightforward to create a custom audience.

First, you will get a unique Custom Audience Pixel code that keeps track of the traffic on your website. You just need to add it to your header code on every page you want to be monitored.

Although there is only one Custom Audience Pixel for each account. You can always define a set of rules to create different audiences. At the Create Audience panel, you can add a name and choose a specific website traffic type for your audience. You set the rules, and from then on, everyone who matches the website traffic rules you created previously will be saved in your list of audiences until the time runs out.

Once you gathered a minimum of 20 people in a Custom Audience. Create an Ad button will appear and you can start to run ads for them. Of course, you need to have significant traffic going on your site in order to make it more effective.

Facebook Audience Network

If you want to monetize your application as a developer or publisher, try Facebook’s Audience Network. You can deliver the most relevant ads of over 3 million global advertisers by publishing your app. Thus gaining significant revenue. The Audience Network guarantees you a nice native ad design that perfectly matches your app design and layout while keeping its flow. Just like in Facebook’s News Feed.

These native ads will appear right at the bottom of your content in your application, without distracting the user in any way. Nowadays, native ads perform seven times better than banner ads. Because people mostly give attention to ads during activities that are not even the primary focus of the application. It shows the ad when the attention loosens up, usually when someone completes an action. In the main menu or the notifications tab of the app.

With native ads, your engagement rates will start to grow, which leads to an improved user experience. It’s fairly easy to implement them, you just need an SDK app integration and you need to determine the placement and appearance of the ad. Deliver the most relevant ads to your users while maximizing your revenue with Audience Network.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook made an outstanding learning platform for those who want to broaden their knowledge of advertising. On Facebook Blueprint, you can find over 50 courses that can be accessed at any time if you have an account. Begin with the topic you are most interested in and start to achieve your business goals as you proceed.

With these courses, you will learn how to use Facebook Business tools and products more effectively. You will be able to set up better and more creative campaigns and you will learn how to properly optimize your performance. It’s a completely free, open courseware which can be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices.

Choose a particular set of lectures and learn them all at your own pace. There is no registration needed. All you need to do is to just log in to your Facebook and you can access the courses straight away. Nothing can prevent you from becoming a Facebook expert if you devote enough time and effort to it.

Bonus: Facebook Alternative – Instagram Ads

If Facebook’s community is not enough (and if you do business on a higher level. It shouldn’t be enough) then why not take advantage of Instagram, one of the largest mobile ad platforms in the world?

It has more than 500 million users and counting, which means that an enormous number of people will see your ad. With its high-quality environment, it’s a perfect place for sharing some of your business-related stories. You can purchase and set up an Instagram ad via the Ads Manager and Power Editor on Facebook.

The best thing about Instagram’s ad solutions is that you can choose between a video, photo, and a carousel ad format as well, covered with the engaging design of the site. While showing your product sets to your customers. You can always add a Learn More button to take them further to your web page. If you want to broaden your audience and bring more customers to your shops. Then Instagram is definitely the right way to go.


While Facebook has the most active users (over 1.7 billion). You as a business owner can’t miss it from your online marketing plan. If you want to reach hundreds of thousands of users quickly, Facebook is definitely an excellent partner to work with.

I’m also very curious about what Facebook Business tools you are currently using to advertise your website and gain more traffic from social media.

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