7+ Best Infographic Tools To Create Awesomely

Everyone does not have the knowledge to create something great in Photoshop, since it usually takes hours to do that. There are some pretty best infographic tools on the web through which can simplify your job.

We often put emphasis on the text, but the fact is that the human brain processes the images much faster. The infographic transforms all the complex information into an informative and appealing picture. This also explains why magazines and famous websites are using them all the time.

An infographic may look simple, but oftentimes it’s a difficult task to make one. It should be beautiful and easily understandable at the same time. Hence you need to sit in front of your computer for many hours. Or you can make life easier and download the best infographic tools to speed up your work.

We listed our favorite best infographic tools right here below. Some of them are completely free, but the others also have free versions. Which one suits you best?

1. Canva


The fastest and easiest way to create an infographic online is to use Canva. This tool is a browser-based application that allows creating amazing designs, including infographics.

The greatest thing about Canva is that is very easy to use and there are tons of free infographic templates you can customize right in your favorite web browser, without the need of installing any photo editing tool to your computer.

You can also design your own infographic from scratch, using the pre-made elements available from the Canva database.

Once you are done with the editing, with a press a button you can export the graphic to your computer in multiple image extensions or you can share it right away from the editor.

I highly recommend this tool; as it is one of the best tools out there for creating highly professional infographics and other designs.

2. Easel.ly


With Easel.ly, you are able to choose between 60 free images and 10 specified fonts for starters. It’s easy to use, customizable, and very user friendly.

This infographic tool is web-based and completely free as long as you don’t want more.

You just need to select an infographic on their home page, and the customizing phase will immediately start.

The membership costs only 3 bucks a month, and you will gain access to a much bigger library of fonts and images. You will also be able to check out the professionally made templates, get help from their professional designer, and upload your own files safely.

Easel.ly is used by a great variety of businesses and has outstanding user feedback. They have created over 4,000,000 infographics so far and counting.

3. Piktochart


When you are working on a presentation, it’s important to somehow turn the raw text into an engaging and stylish infographic. In Piktochart’s editor, you can use numerous color schemes, fonts, previously uploaded shapes, and pre-loaded patterns as well.

They are using grids on their templates, so it’s much easier to get the elements into the correct position and to resize the images properly.

You can take your visual communication to a higher level with just a few clicks in Piktochart. People always like it when studies and articles are illustrated with infographics.

If you have a website or a blog, give it a shot and it will bring even more readers who enjoy your content.

Piktochart has some built-in social media options for quicker sharing. With the online presentation mode, you can present your slideshow anywhere at any time. The presentations are also downloadable in many available formats.

Pretty much all the features are free, but you can pay to increase your upload limit with a Lite membership. A-Pro membership allows you to upload files in higher quality, gives you more privacy options, and access to Piktochart watermark removal.

4. Google Charts

Google Charts

Google Charts is another great feature brought to you by Google. It’s very clever, simple, and absolutely free. They also have a gallery full of interactive charts and other useful data tools.

Depending on what type of data you want to visualize, they have a great variety of charts which can satisfy your needs. All of the charts are based on SVG/HTML5 technology, thus no plugins are needed.

If you want to add a particular chart to your website, just follow the given steps and it will be done in no time. There is also an option for putting multiple charts on one website and much more.

The modifications and options all need a little bit of coding to be done but don’t worry, they have specific guides prepared for that. After a few customization tricks, your chart will look great on your website.

5. Freepik


Freepik is not really a tool rather a collection of cool vector, images, and web design resources. On this website, you can find also lots of infographic templates and designs that you can edit and include your own data.

The featured image of this post is also from Freepik and has been modified using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

So to use the graphics from this website, you will need some level of experience with the mentioned software, but it is definitely a time-saver to have a complete template you can work on.

As mentioned, the graphics and resources offered by Freepik are free to use under certain conditions (check their terms of service and license). You will need to give credit to the website if using their products.

6. Infogram

Infogram - best infographic tools

Infogram can offer you many free charts, maps, and graphs with the ability to upload videos and pictures to apply them to your work.

While creating an infographic, all the data can be customized in a spreadsheet which is similar to Excel’s environment. This way you can easily edit the look and the structure of the infographic.

The completed charts and infographics can be embedded wherever you want them, so you’re free to reach them from anywhere. Static data is not always reliable, so Infogram makes you able to attach live data sources to your projects.

By choosing a Pro membership, you get a bigger library, more privacy, a commercial license and of course, more material to work with.

The Business membership includes more serious features for professionals and small teams.

7. InFoto

InFoto - best infographic tools

This is a free photo infographic generator for Android phones downloadable on Google Play.

Just create a few photos and build awesome infographics from them in no time by using this application.

It’s fairly simple and it requires a slight 1.8MB of free space, but definitely worth a try if you like taking photos.

The full version costs 99 cents with the benefit of removing the ads.

8. Venngage

Venngage - best infographic tools

Venngage guarantees that you can build any type of infographics you need in three simple steps. First, choose one of their professionally designed templates.

Then add your charts and text to the design to visualize your data. It can be enhanced by adding images and icons from Venngage’s library.

The final step is to customize the font and colors of the infographic in their infographics maker. With the given options, it only depends on you to make your infographic unique.

Their features include some decent publishing and downloading options as well as embedding and linking on websites. They also offer a handful of efficient tools to guide you through the designing process.

As a free user, pretty much everything is limited, but you can get the premium for a monthly 19 bucks. The business membership comes with a bonus branding kit and the ability to manage your team members.

9. Visual.ly

Visual.ly - best infographic tools

At Visual.ly, one of the best infographic tools in the market. It was created a community platform in 2011 for people to design their infographics and also share them on social media.

They have more than a thousand freelance writers, designers, and developers waiting for you to share your ideas.

First, you give them a project to work with, and then they offer you a price. If it’s worth the price for you, they immediately start working on it. It’s as simple as that.

The reason why Visual.ly is among the best ones is that they always give you the team of designers most suitable for the project you gave them.

Then all you need to do is to communicate with them accordingly during the process and wait for the desired result. A portfolio is available on their website as well as a gallery of their past designs.

The End

Hope you find the list of best infographic tools helpful. I’m sure there are other great and best infographic tools out there that I didn’t include on the list yet. If you use other tools that might worth sharing, please let me know in the comments.

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