5 Email Service Provider Reasons: Why Businesses Need?

Email as a primary communication method is here to stay; using it to develop relationships with your customers and garner revenue is a must.

But you can’t just “spray and pray”. Sending hundreds of generic emails to a list of email addresses, and hoping that some of your customers open and act on them.

Email wasn’t born yesterday, and neither were your customers – they’re savvy individuals who aren’t going to open just any email.

Your content, delivery, and strategy have to be relevant to subscribers.

Once you are done an email service provider can help you. Here are 5 email service provider reasons and its requirement for businesses –

1. Personalization

Personalization is intrinsic to email marketing because your customers have come to expect it – every day. They’re sparred with messages that are based on what they like to do, where they live, and more.

A quality ESP will let you create segmented lists, allow you to target subscribers. It also will help you send information, deals, and other content that is meaningful to them.

An ESP will also give you the capability to add personalization elements to any email campaigns. That includes subscriber’s personal, geographic, and psychographic information.

2. Creative and design

An ESP will not only be able to segment your list but will also help you design email templates for as many campaigns as you need. Such as – welcome emails, thank-you emails, transactional emails, and re-engagement emails.

You can simply name the segmentation and type of email. And the standard ESP team will build it and schedule it to be sent for you.

These campaigns won’t be cookie-cutter emails they’ll customize emails according to your content and brand. Also, will make it optimized for mobile device viewing.

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3. Reporting

Emails are a way to build a healthy relationship between service providers & customers. How do you know you’re doing it correctly if you’re not tracking and reporting your campaigns?

An ESP provides a way to measure your email campaigns in order to report statistics such as subscribes, unsubscribes, and click-through rates. So that you can see what parts of emails your customers like the most or don’t like at all. This will help you send them more or less of those items accordingly.

4. Delivery / Infrastructure

Whether you like it or not, there are rules you have to follow when sending emails. Some of the are rules mandatory by the CAN-SPAM Act. And some are rules that apply only to certain ISPs (Internet Service Providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

An ESP has full-time, dedicated employees who are familiar with all of these rules, and who stay updated on changes and trends within the email delivery world. To make sure you’re following the rules and help address spam complaints and other delivery issues.

A strong delivery and infrastructure team maintains relationships with major ISPs / inbox providers. They also ensure that feedback loops are in place to process complaints.

It’s easy to say, “I’ll bring everything in-house,” but have you ever consider the complexity, time, effort, and resources needed to get the IPs whitelisted. Ensure regular sender reputation monitoring and inbox placement monitoring, engines to manage and classify your bounces, or to operate enterprise-level MTA software.

To ensure that no matter if you’re sending 100 or 100,000 emails at once, they’ll go out in a timely manner?

These are essential factors to consider, as email is only valuable if your customers or potential customers are able to open and engage with your messaging.

With an ESP’s expertise in delivery and infrastructure working on your behalf, you can be confident that your emails will get to its intended audience.

5. Account management

ESPs usually offer dedicated account managers for services and technical issues. These email professionals help you by analyzing email campaigns and offer advice on how the campaigns can bring more revenue.

Account managers provide an overall analysis of your email program. This will help you plan & strategize with your team to make sure you meet goals and objectives. An account manager is basically your email marketing best friend.

Final Words –

These are the 5 email service provider reasons: why businesses need? A standard ESP will deliver these five features to your email campaigns.

But the digital marketing space is growing to include more channels than just email. Social, mobile, and web are also important tools for reaching and maintaining relationships with customers.

Interacting with your customers on social media is a way to maintain and build relationships with them. A good ESP will offer ways to integrate social into your email campaigns, including social sharing and social posting capabilities.

Using these features, your email subscribers can follow or like your social media pages. And also can share content to their favorite social media sites right from your email.

A great ESP will provide ways to send highly targeted, personalized messages through email. You can also integrate those messages across all the digital marketing channels to reach your customers.

Hope these email service provider reasons and the role in the businesses helped you. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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