SiteGround Review: Web Hosting For Bloggers

Confused while selecting a best web hosting site for the blogging website?

Now do not wander anymore, as I have complied a SiteGround review – a web hosting for bloggers and small business owners like us. Whether you’re a mom blogger, a travel blogger or tech blogger, or a small business owner with a website, this review’s for you.

Bottom line: SiteGround’s easy setup and automated features make it a great choice for less technically inclined website owners.

What Are We Looking For?

As any internet entrepreneur or blogger can tell you, a good web hosting provider is worth their weight in gold.

A bad web host can mean that your websites are always down, that technical questions go unanswered and that every little thing you try to do on your websites is constant pain.  

In this review we’ll talk about the hosting packages SiteGround offers cost, technical support, and generally just how easy SiteGround is to use, along with some of the technical stuff that website owners need to know.

What Is SiteGround?

SiteGround is a web hosting company that offers web hosting. We’re going to focus on their shared hosting in this review (as this is what most of our users will probably use), but the company also offers other hosting packages including reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting. 

I really love that the company has the names and faces of their founders and team up front and center. Always a good sign. We’ve dealt with so many companies that seem to be faceless, nameless corporate entities that a personal touch is worth so much.

We started with their StartUp plan.

SiteGround Pricing Plans

Technical Stuff – Getting Nerdy With cPanel

In the past 10 or so years we’ve owned our own websites, we’ve learned one important thing about web hosting: a cPanel interface is an absolute must. We’ve used otherwise good web hosts (DreamHost comes to mind) that use a control panel other than cPanel, and find that they just don’t come close.

What is cPanel? cPanel is a web hosting control panel that gives a graphical interface to manage things like account backups, installations and file management. There are other web hosting control panels, but cPanel is generally recognized as the best in the industry. 

SiteGround uses cPanel (see our screenshot below), which is a huge plus in their favor.


SiteGround promises 99.99% uptime. We set up Site24x7 to monitor if our SiteGround hosted website ever went down. In the three weeks that we tried SiteGround hosting, we didn’t receive a notice that the site was down once. Not once. A pretty good start.

What If You Have A Problem?

SiteGround has three ways to contact them, live chat, by phone, or by their ticket system. We contacted them anonymously by live chat (since they knew we were writing a review, we thought they might answer our chat more quickly if they knew it was us) and they responded within two minutes. 

How Easy Is SiteGround To Use?

SiteGround really excelled when we first set up our account.

We were take one website domain/URL and install WordPress to get the site up and running.

SiteGround has an easy to use wizard that will run you through the entire process of your WordPress installation. What does it look like? Here goes:

Step 1. You set up the preferences for your website. Note: You can automatically set up the website in Joomla and other CMSs, but most people use WordPress, so that’s what we test.

Step 2. You choose the template to be installed with WordPress on your website. We found that their selection of templates was fairly small, but it was nice to have the option of having a theme design up and running right away. Anyone who’s ever set up WordPress knows that choosing a theme can be a big bother.

Step 3. Success! That was easy. Our website was set up with WordPress in about five minutes.

The only think would have liked is an option to install WordPress manually, but I didn’t see that option early on in the wizard.

Control Panel

Another little feature that we liked is that SiteGround will notify you before they update your site to the newest version of WordPress. Many hosting providers update you automatically, which can be a problem as you might want to hold off on upgrading for a little while if a new WordPress version is known to have a few bugs.

Bottom Line

Hope you found this SiteGround review useful. As, SiteGround’s easy setup and automated features make it a great choice for less technically inclined website owners.

How to get SiteGround?

Just go over to the SiteGround website and choose a hosting plan. If you need some more info, contact their support team.

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