SendPulse Review: Online Marketing Platform

If you want to grow your business online. Online marketing is the way to grow your business. SendPulse can greatly help you in your online marketing efforts.

This service will simplify your bulk email sending efforts along with SMS. If you want an all in one solution for your online marketing campaigns then SendPulse is the best service for your business

It helps you in maximizing open rate automatically with artificial intelligence, hyper-personalization, predictive analysis for e-mail that will make your email marketing efforts more successful.

Let’s take a look at the “SendPulse Review” and know the amazing features of this awesome email marketing service.

SendPulse Review –

Some of the best features of SendPulse are listed below.

1. Email Marketing Service

  • Drag & Drop Email Editor

    It helps you in easily creating professional looking email templates. These email templates are responsive.

You can choose the number of columns, place & edit elements and preview email in browser & mobile device. It also allows you to choose between different free templates.

  • A/B Testing
    A/B Testing is one of the best feature of any email marketing service. It allows you to test out different versions of subject of the body of emails and check which performs best.
  • Automated Mailing

    Whenever you subscribe to any website or blog with your email, you receive some emails. These emails are automated. This type of setup is also called as “Autoresponders”. It helps you in saving time, avoid mistakes and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Mobile App

    You can also use SendPulse on your mobile from its mobile app for Android and iOS. Its mobile app have capabilities like adding subscribers to mailing list, send newsletters and evaluate results.

2. SMTP Service

SendPulse also offers high quality SMTP Service for your emails. Its features are listed below.

  • A/B screening

    A/B screening is among many best function of almost any email promoting support. It enables one to try out various variants of topic of their human anatomy of mails along with assess which works best.
  • Automatic Mailing

    When you register to some site or site by means of your electronic mail, you get any mails. These mails are all automated. Such a installation can be referred to as as”auto-responders”. It makes it possible to in keeping avoid faults some time and customer devotion.
  • Mobile App

    You might also utilize SendPulse in your own cellphone from the cellular program for Android along with i-OS. Its program have capacities including adding readers to subscriber list, mail out newsletters and also appraise benefits.

2. SMTP Assistance

SendPulse offers high excellent SMTP support for your own mails. Its attributes are listed beneath.

  • Easy Integration

    SendPulse SMTP Server easily integrates with email sending program. You can integrate its SMTP Server with MS Outlook and The BAT. API and third-party services are also supported.
  • Dedicated IP Address

    It allows you to send out your emails from a Dedicated IP Address. They also regularly monitor all Dedicated IP address.
  • Trusted Servers

    Their server supports SSL connections. It can send out mailing at high-speed.

This SMTP Service also generate sending error and delivery error reports. All these reports can downloaded from your computer.

3. WebPush

WebPush telling educate your readers on your posts that are. You may notify your client about information, earnings, buy position, or other occasions that are essential. Following are a number of its own features.

  • High level of subscriptions
  • Offline Notifications
  • Trigger messages and bulk messages
  • Personalization and Segmentation

4. SMS Assistance

The SMS mailing assistance of SendPulse gives you the ability to deliver SMS to a client more than 900 networks at greater than 200 nations.

  • Automated Sending based on schedule and triggers
  • Global Reach on 900 mobile networks in more than 200 countries
  • Personalization option.


With its free plan, you can send 15,000 emails per month to 2500 subscriber for free. For more than 2500 subscriber, you can opt between monthly subscription and pay as you go plan.

SendPulse Pricing

For over 1 million subscribers, you can choose VIP Plan.

Their SMS sending service price depends on the country. Its Web Push Notification service is free to use.

Their customer supports is also awesome. You can get in touch with them via live chat. They also offer e-mail and telephone supports 24 hours a day.


So as promised I have covered the SendPulse review for you so that you can easily go with the service.

SendPulse is just one of many best & low-cost promoting system which could assist you in raising your consumer base and increase online businesses.

Every blogger and online marketer should try SendPulse service.

Their free plan is loaded with many useful features. You will surely be satisfied with its high-quality online marketing service.

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