Plagramme Review: Best Plagiarism Checker Tool

I won’t beat around the bush here, this one is going to be a Plagramme review. If you’ve got a site and want to see it hit the first page, go ahead.

Before explaining to you why I’m scribbling this Plagramme review down here, let me tell you some basics related to this article which help you understand the article better:-

  • What is plagiarism?
  • What are Plagramme and its features?
  • How the other plagiarism checker tools in the market are cheated (and why Plagramme is anti-cheat!)

What is Plagarism?

Plagarism is just the act of copy-pasting or spinning someone else’s article and publishing it under their own name as their own piece of work.

It’s mostly used by website owners and article writers looking for shortcuts to get the article done.

Why is it Bad?

Google detects if your content is plagiarized, and plagiarized content isn’t something Google would want to rank on its Search Engine hence the website looses its rankings, traffic, and overall existence.

And if you’re using it for offline purposes let’s say a project, a research article or something, even then you wouldn’t want to bet your career on plagiarized articles trust me, and that’s where Plagramme comes in handy.

What is Plagramme?

Plagramme is a plagiarism checker or anti-plagiarism tool. Of course, this Plagramme review doesn’t claim that it’s the only tool of its kind in the market. But what I do claim is, there are certainly unique and exclusive features that Plagramme invented and you won’t find any other tool on the market.

Also let me tell you, I’m not compulsorily trying to sell you the tool as it even has a free version for people who’re just starting up and can’t afford side-investments of this kind, so nope you don’t have to worry about your pocket.

Normal Plagiarism Bypass Methods:-

  • Interchange between Latin and Cyrillic characters.
  • Citing of sentences.
  • Using white color characters between words.

And let me tell you that none of these work with Plagramme. Meaning the anti-plagiarism tech from Plagramme can well enough detect any of these methods.

What Makes Plagramme Unique?

Paraphrase Detection:-

This feature I’m discussing over here in this Plagramme review is something that’s unique and exclusive to Plagramme. “Paraphrases” are something which people use to achieve greater clarity so as to what they are saying.

They’re like explanatory remarks. But the point is, overusing paraphrases might be an indication of Plagiarism. Now no other tool in the market apart from Plagramme let’s you know if there’s a paraphrase alert.

It colour codes paraphrases so that you can easily identify and manually check if those paraphrases are legit and really necessary or just cloaks for the copied content.

Citation Detection:-

I’m sure you’re well aware of what a citation is even if I don’t explain it here in this Plagramme review. But just for the sake of the article, a citation is when you let your readers know that you aren’t the original source of the work and instead you link to the original source.

It’s a good thing to do, but there’s a thing called “overuse”, so if every sentence of your article needs a citation it simply means that your article is a total copy of something else.

Also there are couple sources which don’t allow copy-paste no matter what. So even a citation doesn’t give you rights to publish that article on your own platform.

This is where Plagramme comes into action with its exclusive citation detection feature. It detects whenever there’s a “bad” citation which might harm your content and colour codes it as purple!

Multilingual Detection:-

This is the only plagiarism checker I’ve ever come across which has this feature. And nope I’m not saying that because this is a Plagaramme review, you can Google the facts our for yourselves.

What this basically is that “changing the language” is a good way to copy-paste the whole content and still bypass plagiarism checkers. But not Plagramme.

Even if your content language has been translated into other languages. It can still be verified by Plagramme if it’s plagiarism or not.

Risk Score:-

Risk Score

Yet another “unique” feature in this Plagramme review is its risk score. It’s a calculation which shows you the “supposed” risk of your content being plagiarized.

Edit Online:-

With Plagramme there isn’t a need to re-submit and hence you save a considerable amount of money.  You can edit your documents online so there’s no need to download it for editing either.

Other Features:-

View Source:-

Ofcourse like any other plagiarism checker tool,  Plagramme too gives you a link to the source from where your content is copied (if it is.)

Colour Codes:

The one thing which I love about Plagramme is that it makes identification easy by colour coding the sentences with appropriate colours.

It uses Green, Orange an Purple to highlight quotations, paraphrases and improper quotations respectively.

H-U-G-E Database:-

Plagramme uses a database that’s as big as 14 TRILLION! I won’t ask you to imagine the number as I’m confident I can’t do it myself. But in other words, let’s just say that’s more than enough to see if your content is original or not.

Final Verdict:-

That’s all I would say for this Plagramme review, and now if you ask me for my final verdict, I can only say- “Yes, go for it, or give me a reason not to”.

Seriously. It has a mega database, its features are unique and exclusive something you won’t find with any other tool, and the best of all is that you don’t need to pay for it if you can’t afford it!

They offer you a free account if you share the word about them on your social media. Well you get your content’s legitimized, they get more eye-balls I would say it’s a win-win.

So go out and try Plagramme right now. Do let me know your final decision and experience with it if you decide to take the wise-road.

Ofcourse you can use the comment box for queries and doubts related to Plagramme if you have any, I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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