PayClick Review: Best Native Ad Network

The days have gone when the webmasters/bloggers used to depend on a single source for monetization of your website/blog.

The growth of the internet and the establishment of a number of businesses throughout the world have contributed nicely to coming up with a number of advertising companies.

These companies tend to help the publishers and provide them an effective way to earn money through their blogs. There are hardly a few ad networks that are good enough in widget space monetization through advertising.

PayClick is one of them. This PayClick review will help us discover more about this native ad network.

PayClick – A Brief Introduction


PayClick is the native ads network that has been operating since 2010. It efficiently creates special projects for every traffic type making sure that the algorithms stay focused on the particular auditory type.

This is the reason why their ads reach a high CTR of 5% and an average CTR of 2.3%. PayClick has 120000 advertisers associated with it and has been serving 107 nations.

PayClick always seeks dynamic partners from the local markets. The premium websites having a highly engaging audience are their business drivers and PayClick ensures to provide them with awesome results.

You can join as a publisher and get access to the wisest monetization tools available with them. Moreover, the publishers get some of the best features when they associate themselves with PayClick. Go through the complete PayClick review and learn more about it.

Major Requirements to Become a Publisher at PayClick

Though there are no hard and fast requirements to join as publisher at PayClick, but still you need to follow the minimal criteria to become a publisher here.

  • PayClick accepts the website with quality content and real traffic. Websites with more than 100000 impressions are able to work on a CPM basis.
  • It reserves the right to block the websites that violate its policy or have some inappropriate content violating its terms.
  • The country of your traffic doesn’t matter at all.
  • There are no limits to the ads. You can place as many ads as you want.

Benefits of Working as Publisher at PayClick

  • The payments can be done weekly.
  • Just 5 minutes widget setup.
  • 100% ad moderation.
  • You get a native support manager.
  • The detailed statistics of the ads are shown to you.
  • The technical support is provided to every publisher.
  • Multiple Payment models for everyone.

Benefits of Working as Advertiser at PayClick

  • An advertiser can start from low campaign rates.
  • It receives 1620000000 impressions from 37200000 visitors around the world.
  • The average CTR is certainly high about 2.3%. This CTR can go as high as 5%.
  • The advertisers can choose to target the campaigns specifically according to the users.
  • The detailed reports are shown to each advertiser.
  • An advertiser also gets native account manager.

Why Native Ads should be added to your Website?

  • The native ads had already proven to have better engagement than the traditional non-native ads. This helps in delivering a better CTR and revenue to the publishers. Moreover, the banner blindness can be avoided by this.
  • These native ads are effectual way of getting advertising message around the ad blocking software.
  • These ads are shareable as they take form of significant and contextually valuable content and reach more users.
  • It is the low cost type of advertising for the advertisers.
  • These ads work well on the mobile platforms. The native advertisements are hosted on the desktop. It improves the reach of the ads considerably.

Top Features of PayClick for the Publishers –

PayClick is a commendable native advertising platform. It has helped both advertisers and publishers to grow. Now, the PayClick review talks about some of the crimpy features of PayClick that are beneficial for the advertisers.

Easy Setup

The process of registration is really simple. Once you are verified as a publisher, you just need to choose the number of ad blocks to display on your website along with the block size. The PayClick system will generate a JS code for the block and you need to paste it in the widget section of your site.

Native Form of Advertising

It is one of the most popular forms of advertising better than banner advertising. It ensures that your visitors are not wasted and you receive a better CTR than normal. These are contextually rich ads that attract the visitors.

Responsive Ads

The ads by PayClick are highly responsive and can adapt to any screen size. All you have to do is embed the ad code and it will adapt to the screen size automatically.

Choose the Ad Types

The ad can be chosen based on the visitor’s interest. The content ads, product recommendation ads can be chosen based on your site’s traffic or this selection can also be made automatic.

Adjust the Ad Design

Adjust the Ad Design

You can either ask the support manager to adjust your site widget according to the website design or can also do it yourself. Moreover, you can use over 50 ad unit settings for changing the ad design and format.

Online Stats Tracking

Online Stats Tracking

You can get the complete reports for the impressions, clicks, effectiveness, and income rates that are ready at hand.


Do you can go through the FAQs for getting any assistance or can even contact your support manager, but if you need any further aid, you can mail for help at [email protected]

The Payment Model

The Payment Model

PayClick works on a CPM/CPC basis and pays you according to the website traffic and its quality. The payments can be done through PayPal, Pioneer, Web Money, and even through wire transfer. You are eligible to withdraw the money at a minimum threshold of $20.

Last Words –

PayClick is a superb native advertising network that is serving a number of publishers worldwide and helping them earn a decent amount of money.

If you are looking to get over the traditional form of widget advertising, you can start with the PayClick ad network undoubtedly it is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives.

Hope this PayClick review provided you significant details about this advertising network. So, start using it today.

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