GoDaddy Review: Best Web Hosting Service 2020

Websites are everything these days!

It’s a great way to grow a business, host an online portfolio or photo gallery. Or develops an eCommerce site to sell handmade items, or launch a recipe blog!

However, if you are not super techy, you might get left on the sidelines, right?

That has been a case for many years, but today we will take a look at the GoDaddy Website Builder. The tool is designed to take a non-techy person from nothing to a fully working website.

Is it really full-proof or will I manage to mess it up?

The web host known as GoDaddy is famous as one of the largest web hosts in the world. They currently host an estimated 53 million domains and have actually been accused of overselling its domains in the past.

They promise cheap services, valuable customer support, and of course, web hosting. I’m writing this review of GoDaddy web hosting services about 40 days after my initial purchase of a GoDaddy site.

GoDaddy Review

First, what GoDaddy offers is a simple domain registration plan starting at about $6.99, or as low as $2.99 when on sale. I purchased my domain for my website at $6, discounted from $12.99 due to an affiliate sale.

If you’re looking for a similar sale, GoDaddy runs several of them periodically and you can contact HTS, or click on some of the GoDaddy ads that you see around the site to get a good deal.

GoDaddy also offers web hosting plans starting at $5.69 per month, and as low as $4.74 per month while on sale. Plans start out at about 10GB of Disk space with unlimited bandwidth and up to 100 emails.

This is an update from their previous start plan which offered 1GB of bandwidth and 1 email address. The most expensive hosting costs $14.24 per month and offers unlimited bandwidth and emails. For those in-between website sizes, there is a middle version starting at about $8.54 per month.

In my personal experience with GoDaddy, I first attempted to install Joomla because I have some familiarity with the CSS style sheets from the site. However, after waiting for two days, I was informed via email that there had been an error.

I instead installed WordPress which only took about thirty minutes, and then proceeded to build my site. The speed was relatively effective, the site worked, and my updates to CSS, PHP, and content via WordPress were all processed quickly. I was happy.

Then came the turning point, GoDaddy went down for several hours due to a then presumed hack, but what is now known to be a server error. When my site came back up, it was slow, ridiculously slow, and still is.

I currently plan on switching my domain to another server sometime in the next month in order to speed it up. Sometimes my site won’t load, edits don’t always happen, and I get 404 errors at least once a week. Since I haven’t done any major sites, and my author page is very small, I presume that the problem lies with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Build Your Website

I’m also going to cover the Build Your Website function briefly in my review of GoDaddy. I did not purchase the software, only went through the demo. The function allows you to create an easy ‘drag and drop’ website using a variety of templates and mobile functions, similar to the website Wix.

However, unlike Wix, GoDaddy charges $12.74 per month for this function. Wix charges nothing for a Wix domain, or $99 per year, which equals out to about $8.25 per month for the same function (plus Wix doesn’t charge you extra for registering or hosting your domain name, that comes as part of the fee.

GoDaddy Emails

GoDaddy offers email use with each of their purchased hosting plans. This is actually one of their better features as it allows users to set up a unique site name, which is usually more respected than using an @gmail or @hotmail (@brandycross)account. You can match it to your Twitter address if you have the forethought when setting up the accounts.

However, there are plenty of other web host plans that offer this same function.

GoDaddy Customer Support Review

Most of the time, if you read a review of GoDaddy, it will actually give their support a bad reputation. However, I haven’t had any problems at all with it.

For the most part, GoDaddy support representatives do their best to be helpful and polite. Although I suppose that it is worth mentioning in my review that you might have to wait a long time on the phone before you get to talk to them.

GoDaddy Review: Is GoDaddy Worth the Money?

The end result of every review of GoDaddy, is it worth the money or will they rip you off? I figure this is an important fact for any GoDaddy review, so I’m going to cover it now. I actually think that the value of GoDaddy depends on the user.

Not all of the points in my review of GoDaddy have been positive, but then not all of them have been negative either.

I personally think that if you’re running a site with a lot of new content, plan on updating frequently, or intend to take up a great deal of bandwidth then hosting on GoDaddy is not for you. However, you can still get a few very good deals on GoDaddy domain names, especially when you use affiliate sales.

If you’re a simple site or setting up a sales funnel to direct to another website, then GoDaddy might be a great option for you. The site is still quality, offers great services, and can be quite good. 

On the other hand, if you intend to purchase all of their tools, pay for extra’s such as privacy, or pay for website building, you might find yourself spending more than twice what you would at another site.

Have you used GoDaddy? If so, leave your review of GoDaddy in the comments below!

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