GetResponse Review: Best Email Marketing Software 2020

Email marketing has been a huge part of internet marketing. One always needs to send an email to subscribers or take follow up with the people. For this stuff, you required a system that is offered by the best email marketing software.

GetResponse is one of the reliable and secure email marketing software within your budget. If you are looking for the best email marketing software, you should try it.


There is much software out there, but GetResponse is actually what you need. It captures the emails ids of your prospects and sends them emails through an automated process.

Most probably it is the best email marketing software to create emails and landing pages, sending autoresponders, and organizing webinars.

Let me give you an example, suppose you are running a blog, and you need to send a newsletter to your subscribers. Your email newsletter looks great on your screen, but people around there using different devices like iPhones, Tablets, Laptops to consume information over the internet.

With GetResponse, you needn’t thinking of it. Your newsletters will look fantastic due to the responsive designs of email templates in GetResponse.

In this post, you are going to get lot more about GetResponse. So keep reading to the last line of this post.

GetResponse Review:

Throughout years, I have tested so many email software and talked to top earners about their best choice for it. Based upon that huge workout, I am revealing an honest review of GetResponse. I will cover up the pros, cons, features and pricing of GetResponse.

So once you check the site out of GetResponse, you will find four primary services which are as follows:

  1. Email Creator
  2. Autoresponders
  3. Landing Pages
  4. Webinars

Let’s briefly discuss them one by one.

1) Email Creator

This option lets you create an email using responsive templates that look good on every device and helps increasing conversion.

2) AutoResponders

Using an autoresponder, you can set up a sequence of emails that a subscriber gets after joining your list automatically. You can offer a discount or a free product in these emails. It helps in improving relations with the subscriber.

This way you are giving value to subscribers as well as it reduces your burden by sending emails immediately on autopilot.

3) Landing Pages

This is a fantastic option that I love very much in the GetResponse website. Just select a template, customize it, and publish with just one click. The customization tools let you create a landing page from scratch.

4) Webinar

If you are organizing a webinar, and you need to deliver lots of autoresponder to the subscribers, this time GetResponse proves handy to you.

The deliverability is a huge issue with many email marketing software.

Suppose, a person has subscribed to your webinar, and he or she doesn’t get any confirmation email or a link to access the webinar, then they might feel annoyed. Many email software has barriers which reduce the deliverability.

On the other hand, GetResponse has worked harder on it and continually improving the deliverability so that the webinar subscribers will get instant emails having further details in them.

This increases the number of users because they are getting information regarding the webinar right to their inbox. As we know the webinar has enormous potential for conversion and building authority, you could see a big hike in your sales.

GetResponse got a lot of features that make it the best email marketing software in the world. We can’t end up this review without having a word to its other features.

Quick Features of GetResponse 

Above is a huge list of features that GetResponse offer on its website. We would take a look over frequently used features.

1) Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

It’s very easy to customize emails using GetResponse drag and drop editor. You can just edit and insert anything on the template.

2) Forms

Each form caters to a unique need. The beautiful response forms are easy to collect information from subscribers.

3) Advanced Analytics

The advanced analytics tools help to bring the most reliable data on the table by offering details on one click segmentation, email ROI, social sharing stats, email client stats, and many more.

4) Global View

This feature provides the personalized data from subscribers like tracking the email open rate, what system they are running, what their native places are, etc.

5) Image Editor

This is also a smart feature. You can add special effects like apply stickers, change the orientation of the image to horizontally or vertically, adjust the width and size of the picture according to the text-area, trim the edges of the photos, add text to different areas for better understanding, and many more to make a page stand out.

6) Spam Checker

Prevents emails from going to the spam folder bypassing your content through the strict filters.

7) Multi-User Management

If you have a team working from remote locations, get them separate access to the GetResponse with individual responsibility, and have a different role for each one.

8) Social Sharing

Add social sharing buttons quickly and track the activities across the channel.

9) Video Email Marketing

GetResponse allows adding video content within the email. You can upload media files like video, audio recordings up to 1GB.

10) Mobile Report

Compare mobile and desktop clients with different stats.

11) Sales Force Integration

Integrate the GetResponse with SalesForce to maximize sales, strength, and ROI. Moreover, you can perform secure database management, bi-directional synchronization, personalization & segmentation between GetResponse and SalesForce.

12) Email Templates

An enormous bundle of 500+ templates available to create stylish as well as elegant looking email drafts for different needs.

13) Online Surveys

Collect feedback from your subscribers related to your product and service with no extra cost.

14) A/B Testing

An advanced A/b testing arrangement allows testing, analyze CTAs, open rate, email forms, and others to conclude how can improve the overall performance.

15) Security

You get a higher level of security to make data secure and safe. This feature gets appreciated by the customers.

16) List Booster

List booster allows importing the subscribers from local disk, other email clients, and other services like Salesforce.

17) Customer Support

Customer assistance is available through the 24/7 live chat, email support in seven languages, and Phone calls. They made user support very easy and customer-centric.

18) Landing Pages

The 100+ landing page templates are available to create stunning, mobile-friendly, high converting landing pages, and squeeze pages. Just pick one template and an advanced tool is available to customize the whole template with easy drag and drop facility.

19) Responsive Designs

You don’t know about the device the users are opening your emails on. The GetResponse applies responsiveness to every element of the email, so they take the size according to the instrument.

20) Stock Photos

The 1000+ stock photo can be added to make a landing page communicating to the receivers. There is also an option to add pictures from your own stock.

Why You Need Opt In Email Marketing Tool?

A better email marketing tool requires the email list to be an opt-in list, which means all the subscribers on the list must have willingly given you the email addresses. They must be aware that they will receive emails from your side in the future.

To make a loyal list of subscribers, you need an opt-in email marketing tool. Through this tool, users give their email addresses willingly by filling an online subscription form.

If you have created a list of the subscribers who aren’t aware of it then this list won’t be as effective as it could be as an opt-in list.

The emails can be taken from the business cards, Facebook friend list, contacts in email service, or purchased from any source. Such kind of list can’t get you high conversion.

Most of the times, their conversion rate isn’t as expected through the email campaigns.

Therefore, you need to an opt-in email marketing tool that can also build a double opt-in list, i.e. the users who have signed up through your subscriber will receive an email to confirm one more time that they are aware of adding their email addresses to your list.

This surprisingly improves your list and gives you the audience willing to receive your future emails, and maybe interest to buy your product.

Before I move ahead, here is Quick Guide To Start With GetResponse

GetResponse is very easy to use. If you have decided to switch over from an old email marketing company or beginning with email marketing, GetResponse is best in all the cases.

To start with it, you need to sign up on its website. Just fill the complete details in your profile and begin to use this fantastic email marketing tool.

The dashboard of the GetResponse looks like above screenshot.

Three outstanding options appear on the CPanel.

Add Contacts: option lets you insert the contacts from the external sources like a local disk. Moreover, you can upload copy and paste directly into this section or add contacts to other services like Google Docs, Salesforce, Google Contacts, etc.

Create form: once you select the “create form” option, it brings you to the form builder page to create opt-in forms.

Here you would also see the different forms of templates. Choose a template that you find fits in your need and begin to customize it. It’s simple as a novice can do all this stuff.

Create Newsletter: Next we come to “create newsletter”. Select this option from the dashboard. On the next screen, you will see two options.

The first one is an email creator for those who want to customize the pre-built templates and the second option presents for the advanced users who know the coding and build their own customized email template. Choose the options you are comforted with and begin the work.

On top of the dashboard, you would see the options to create forms, landing pages, analytics, surveys, webinars, and much more with direct options.

Let me describe GetResponse features in briefly for better understanding.

I found GetResponse a really fantastic and user-friendly tool. There are some characteristics that you should check out on its website. However, to save your time, I quickly sum up the main features.

  • First I would call the responsive design that is the key features of the GetResponse.
  • 500+ web forms that fulfill the need for every individual or business.
  • 100+ ready to go landing page templates to create high converting landing pages, squeeze pages, video pages, and many more.
  • The new webinar feature allows sustaining the users’ attention for the complete webinar.
  • A/b testing is the dominant feature to analyze the CTAs, best time, and day to send emails, Title, and many other things to maximize the conversions throughout the email campaigns.
  • Autoresponders are an essential element to improve the list. It helps in creating better relations with the subscribers.
  • An enormous collection of stunning images gives a various option to add a most suitable image in the template.
  • You can take a preview to see how your email looks like for many popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.


As I promised above I will provide an honest GetResponse review, I remember it. First I will talk about the advantages of GetResponse.

  • A 30-day trial to try all the features of GetResponse without having any risk.
  • You should be happy to have an efficient email marketing tool with cheap plans as compared to the counterpart email marketing solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support via email, chat and phone call. One important thing here is that the email ticket support available in 5 languages.
  • Spam Assassin integration with the email editor to make sure the delivery of email in the right folder.
  • iPhone and Android are available.
  • 1000+ image stock
  • 500+ web forms
  • Advanced landing page or email template customization tool
  • Video tutorials for a better understanding of the complete process.
  • Free online survey tool.
  • One click list booster to import subscribers list from the external sources.
  • Split testing is very efficient to analyze the available data.


GetResponse is a fantastic email marketing tool. Instead, it also has some cons you should be aware of.

  • No Free plan
  • Limited options for the HTML geeks
  • The drag and drop functions need to be improved a little bit more.
  • No price diversification for users with a small size of the list. They will end up pay more for their minimal requirements.
  • The user interface needs to be refreshed to compete with other competitors like MailChimp.


To have a correct idea of pricing, I am sharing a quick screenshot. There is nothing to elaborate in the pricing. All the things are crystal clear for the users.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Review:

Is GetResponse the best email marketing tool?

Of course, this is the best email marketing tool for every user wanting a one-stop solution for one price. You should check it out. You get everything like list booster, form builder, landing page builder, and anything that you think should be in the best email marketing tool.

Moreover, you are getting a chance to use 30 days trial without having any risk. So, go for it if you want to be successful in the email marketing.


Email marketing could be a game-changer in your overall sales campaigns. If you are beginning with email marketing or thinking for a quick switch over, once take the time to learn all the features of GetResponse, and you all are done.

In my opinion, GetResponse is a perfect product as far as email marketing goes.

People might say that it has some shortcomings. You shouldn’t use this tool. Well, dear friend, nothing could be perfect, but I can say you get the maximum value of your money with GetResponse.

If you are really serious about doing an email marketing campaign, and you have a list to do that, or you want to build your list up and keep your audience engages. The GetResponse is probably at the top of the game or anything that comes to the email marketing because it works efficiently.

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