Convrrt Review: The Next Level Landing Page Builder

Name me one element that’s crucial for conversions on your website, product, ebook or just about anything. Landing Pages. Yeah you got that right.

To give you an idea of how important landing pages are, all I can say is, giants like Neil Patel are known to spend as much as $30,000 just on one single landing page, yeah that’s how powerful those are.

But hey, what if you don’t $30K to spare, does this mean you can’t have your own landing page? Maybe not in the year 2001, but now? You totally can.

That’s what this piece is about, I stumbled upon a website (product), I checked it out, I fell in love, and here I am sharing it with you guys.

But let’s start the Convrrt review from the basics.

What are Landing Pages and Why do we Need them:-

Landing pages are exactly what the phrase claims to be, “landing-pages”. Pages where your visitors would land.

Now these are made specifically for the promotion of a tool, company, personal portfolio or things of that sort.

Their primary goal is most often to either drive a sale, or grab a lead in the minimum which you can later convert into a sale.

Convrrt: An Insight

(Convrrt review)

So you might be wondering what’s this mis-spelled heading all about, well as a matter of fact it’s not a mis-spelling instead it’s just creativity at work.

Convrrt is a landing page builder, which does a lot more than just build landing pages, with a much better user experience and ease compared to it’s other more expensive competitors (that’s what attracted me in the first place).

Now as the name says, it’s designed to bring you more conversions, more than an average page builder would normally do keeping in mind it’s dirt-cheap pricing. (Nope don’t take my word for it, I’ll show you and then you can be the judge of it!)

Features Convrrt Offers

Let explore each of them in detail –

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Convrrt - Drag n Drop Builder

Convrrt boasts of it “no-coding needed , drag and drop” landing page builder. Meaning you can design a professionally built conversion optimization landing page with it, without writing a single alphabet of code.

It offers you a drag and drop interface, you just drag the elements you want in your landing page from the elements menu, and drop them where you want them simple as that.

High-Level Customization

The other good news with Convrrt (Convrrt review) is that you can customize anything and everything. Let’s say you didn’t like the color of the form. Or the box or the text, well that can be changed.

The size of the page, the size of the text-holders, and even the text-shadow effects can be controlled, all this without touching code.


Convrrt is a smart-builder which becomes evident from the fact that it has a “goals” menu, where you can specify what you’re trying to achieve from your landing page, and then it generates the best possible combination of elements for you.

It’s crucial to place the elements exactly where they should be for specific goals. For eg. for webinar pages, the “register” should be at the middle or bottom of the page. And some info about the webinar before that button.

While for an e-book sales page, the buy now button can also be placed at the very top.

Now people spend hundreds of dollars with A/B split tests and researches to find out spots that convert most. And with Convrrt, you’re getting all that research and test’s value for free! Just let them know your goal and they take care of the rest.

100+ Pre-Designed Templates

Convrrt - Landing Page Builder

I understand even with drag and drop, you might not be the best designer and the best selector of colour-font combinations, that’s where these templates come in.

Convrrt has enough pre-designed templates, sorted out in specific categories for you. So all you’ve got to do is, select your category. And select the template that’s tempting you, and lastly just edit the content, done!

So in short, designing a page with convrrt would take less than 10minutes even if you’ve never designed a landing page ever.

Smart Form Builder

Convrrt also has an in-built form builder, that can be used as a third-party element and can be integrated in all your pages.

Meaning even if you design a hundred landing pages. You can use the same data collection form over and over hence reducing your time and energy consumption.


A landing page is nothing without  the possible integration of email marketing services, right? I mean you need some place to store-automate and take care of your incoming E-mails and data, right?

So in case, you’re wondering, Convrrt goes hand in hand with two of the leading CRM platforms on the globe. That’s Zapier and InfusionSoft (I’m sure you’re aware of them!)

And the integration process is pretty simple too, no hard and fast verification and days of waiting, it’s all instant, now-and-then.


So finally down to the most important section, because ofcourse no matter how awesome a lamborghini is, if you can’t afford it, it’s no use, right?

You must be wondering that with all these features convrrt much cost atleast couple hundred dollars, well you’re wrong.

It’s cheaper than your monthly allowance on coffee probably. To know more about the pricing details visit the website.

Final Words –

So if you ask me if it’s worth it, I’d say totally! I mean you’re getting pre-designed templates, drag & drop page builder, great integrations, and everything else, for what? $15? That’s not even a justified price if you ask me.

For $15 you can have your landing page up in the next 10minutes, make a couple of sales within the next 24hours with the right marketing strategy. And pay for a year of Convrrt subscription, yeah that’s how far the potential of Convrrt goes! (Ofcourse your product needs to be worth buying too!)

Not to mention their awesome support they include if you get stuck. Don’t believe me? You don’t need to, go out and try Convrrt for yourself. Hope you find this Convrrt review helpful.

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