Bluehost Review: Top Web Hosting Service 2020

Having a site for an online business is as necessary as having an outlet for a retail store.

Just like you cannot give your shop keys to other people, having full access to your website/blog is most necessary. Here comes, the role of hosting websites.

If you want a self-hosted WordPress site (or if you have a blog on BlogSpot you don’t legally own your site) you would need a hosting service provider to host your website and there is dime a dozen of hosting sites.

Today I am going to review Bluehost hosting service which is by far the best hosting service provider. Below you will find a detailed review on the Bluehost hosting service.

Before going deep into the Bluehost review process I am writing a brief introduction on hosting and its types. So that you might have a clear concept as to what you want.

What is hosting?

Web hosting is a service in which the hosting provider (Bluehost, HostGator, WPengine, etc.) will help you set up your website and media files on special computers called servers. These data can then be distributed to the visitors or people who type your URL on a web browser.

Hosting is of many types and what you need depends on what type of purpose you want it. For example generally hosting refers to these.

  • Free hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Collocated hosting

Free Hosting:

This is advisable for learners and people having a site for fun. Often the provider squeezes the server limit and bandwidth on such sites so that they are extremely slow loading. Random adverts by the service provider and frequent down of your website might occur. This is not advisable for professional websites or blogs.

Shared Hosting:

General hosting refers to shared hosting. It is very popular and may cost anywhere around 5-10$. The lower price is due to the fact that hundreds of websites are hosted on the same server but this does not imply slow loading sites at all.

Dedicated hosting:

These are the best alternative to people bored of shared hosting and will entitle a full server for your needs. This does mean more resources, high page speed, and capacity to handle large volume of readers at any given time. But this also implicates the user to pay the entire amount which generally would have been shared by other people in the shared hosting.

Collocated Hosting:

This is generally for LARGE industries that require purchasing your won server. You are free to do anything with it and install any amount of app on it.

Bluehost Review:

Bluehost has been providing web hosting since 1996. They have excellent service at very affordable prices. They maintain and upgrade services without any additional cost to their customers.

Their cloud network uses a data center with UPS power, diesel generators, and numerous 10 gigabit fiber connections that connect you to the growing cloud covering the world.

Bluehost uses SimpleScripts to provide one-click installations for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and numerous other cloud-based applications. Save time, save money, and keep life easy by going with Bluehost services (Bluehost review).

Current plans offer:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting, Hosting Space, File Transfer, Email Accounts
  • Free Domain
  • Free Site Builder w/ templates
  • Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Stats
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • $100 Google Advertising Offer
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat & Email Support

The unlimited email accounts make a Bluehost hosting account very valuable to any web developer. Simply open a Bluehost account, set up your client’s email accounts. And easily make all of your money back for the hosting account.

Charge a little extra each month for each client and your profits from email account setups can greatly increase your profits. Offer free email accounts and you may be able to make finding new clients much easier.

If setting up an e-commerce site for your client, then Bluehost offers numerous free solutions custom tailored to make processing payments easy. Simply set up the accounts you need and go!

They offer streaming video and audio support for their hosting customers that we have found to be very reliable and fast. You will no longer need to use Youtube or Vimeo and will be able to customize your media players however you want.

The service offers a free backup service that will help you protect your hard work and precious data.

Bluehost Hosting Features:

Bluehost proudly flaunts its services as they are the best in class services. It has the biggest testimonial as it is officially recommended by WordPress as one of the best hosting services for your WordPress blogs. Even if you are a Drupal or Joomla platform user Bluehost still walks behind you to help you out.

Amongst other features Bluehost hosting provides are unlimited disk storage, unlimited domain, unlimited file transfer, unlimited domain hosting all this for just $3.95 per month. You have also got other perks like the ability to host unlimited sub-domains, over 2500 email accounts (it will help to offer each staff of your blog with a domain-specific email address).

For starters and new WordPress users the features that prove a saving are like one click install which can allow you to set up a WordPress blog in less than four minutes. *Yay!*

Did I mention you get a domain of your choice in order to start up!

If you are not a designer and cannot afford one there is an easy WYSIWYG feature that allows you to design your site with ready-made templates.

What’s more? Bluehost also allows you to have a great dashboard as it uses cPanel which is the easiest to use.

Bluehost offers SSL certification for your website at a cost as low as 40$ which is again the lowest in the industry. SSL certification is recently in the news as Google announced it to be criteria in ranking sites. However, you are not bound to use it. In case you decide to use it like the very few pro bloggers or businesses you can do so by paying extra at any time.


Having a company set up to serve people for more than 17 years and over providing hosting services to above 2 million websites Bluehost doesn’t have to ask for proof. Based on reliability Bluehost secures a ten on ten from me as I have personally used it and never faced any downtime. Bluehost permits unlimited bandwidth and the ability to store unlimited files within the limits of their default set up.

They offer a HUGE file size of MySQL of 3GB which is in it in-consumable. You can hardly cover these limits within fair blogging. As WordPress users, we are prone to overloads at servers but Bluehost is designed to bear all the loads. So as to give your site a very smooth running even in times of high traffic.


Support is one of the most important criteria for choosing any service. I would not host my site for free at any leading hosting provider if the company does not have a good support profile.

In support or customer service Bluehost deserves a high five as it is responsive and highly cooperative. They offer you live chat, email, and telephonic methods of contact and are awesomely prompt in taking their customers’ calls.

You could get a reply from them too your question within 10-30 minutes which is by far the most honest timings. My previous hosting took me two days to reply and so I ditched it.

Bluehost has gained a name for itself in the hosting business and it breaks all ice to keep up the brand. You hardly have issues with Bluehost but in case you have they are the quickest to help you. Yes, one more thing is their tone of conversation is extremely smooth and soothing which is the most needed in times of problems.


Bluehost is very affordable as compared to others. The charge little price and you should invest it if you desire a tension free long term career. I personally request not to use those free and cheap services which do insane bad to your blog.

By pricing, Bluehost starts as low as 3.95$ per month. This is hardly more than the pocket money of a kid.

To top it off, Bluehost gives about 200$ of free credit to users registering for their service. These benefits include Google Adwords credit, Facebook Advertisement credit amongst others.

After Almost Two Years of Bluehost Cloud Hosting Services

We have used every major hosting provider. And created our own servers to host websites. We have updated and maintained hundreds, if not thousands, of websites. Bluehost has always proven to be the best hosting company for a small business.

And medium business and some rather large businesses too. Of course, we have never tested how well Bluehost’s cloud servers and shared hosting packages could do with a site such as Facebook or YouTube.

But who has? Did Google ever try using Bluehost? We doubt it.

So many clients come with a few thousand dollars and a dream of being the next Facebook, it is incredible. The technology and the brilliant minds behind companies such as these are hard for those of us who specialize in this industry to fathom. Let alone the common person just getting started, or even the first-year CIS graduate.

Our clients are almost always just starting with a dream or a small business. They really have no idea what it takes to actually succeed. They dream of having a data center dedicated to their needs but only have a few thousand dollars to get started.

This is when the Bluehost shared and cloud hosting packages can really help. Rather than investing thousands into resources that are not needed, our clients are directed to start by using a simply shared hosting platform such as Bluehost. We recommend Bluehost for a lot of reasons.

Some companies, the largest included, will offer extreme discounts for certain products the first year. Susceptible targets will take this bait and then get hosed the following year when prices increase far beyond what they originally paid.

The best tactic in this game is to offer “domains for 2.99.” sometimes maybe just 99 cents. After the first year, the “target” will be told to renew their domain for prices much higher, or even worse, they may be told that they can get their hosting for very inflated prices.

Conclusion –

Hope this Bluehost review gives you a better insight while selecting a web hosting service for your business. If you haven’t used Bluehost before, check them out! They truly are amazing.

Also, let me know your review on the Bluehost website hosting service in the comment section.

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