5+ Best Email Verification & List Cleaning Services 2020

Email Verification is the process of making sure the emails on your list are delivered to the inbox. As we know spamming has become a part of everything. So it has become essential to clean our email list first to avoid spamming and blacklisting of IPs.

In this article, I have covered best list cleaning and email verification services for you. Follow the article and get a good email verification service for your business at affordable prices.

Before starting I had tried to explain to you more about the importance of real-time email verification. So here it is.

Benefits of Real-Time Email Verification

The relevance and benefits of real-time email verification cannot be over-emphasized. Below are the benefits of real-time email verification.

  1. Users who opt-in to receive your free service, but purposely enter a fake email address can be stopped and forced to enter their correct address on the spot.
  2. With real-time verification, you can prevent a high email bounce back rate.
  3. Real-time verification enhances open and click-through rates.
  4. Real-time verification can do away with the stress of sending an email campaign to invalid addresses.
  5. Automating the task of pruning email list data which saves time.
  6. Helps to qualify lead and segment customer emails.
  7. Protects your sender’s reputation by preventing bad emails from entering your database first.
  8. Creates more open rates with strong sender reputation and high deliverability; you are earning high open rates and better response rates.
  9. Maximizes your business performance through open rates and better response rates from your contacts and prospects, which creates better business opportunities.
  10. It helps you Optimize your campaign cost by eliminating invalid, fake, and unreachable emails. This assures you that you are spending resources to target the best audience for your campaign. This ultimately benefits your campaign and gives you a high return on investment.

I think the above-mentioned points had cleared all your mind regarding the importance of the email list cleaning service.

So let’s start with the email verification services –

1. Xverify

XVerify - email verification services

Xverify is the best email verification & list cleaning service. It checks email addresses to make sure that a username exists at a domain. It verifies the email addresses of Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail service providers.

They put a built-in fraud protection to make sure that it is not a temporary account, or linked to an online fraudster.

Attributes –

  • They provide 98% email validation accuracy
  • Spam complaint detection
  • Temporary email accounts
  • Easy to read reports
  • Affiliate marketing options
  • Implementation options

Pricing –

Following are the pricing structure that Xverify offers –

EmailsPrice Per Email
0 – 5.0K$0.0100
5.0K – 10.0K$0.0080
10.0K – 25.0K$0.0070
25.0K – 50.0K$0.0060
50.0K – 100.0K$0.0050
100.0K – 250.0K$0.0040
250.0K – 500.0K$0.0030
500.0K – 1.0M$0.0020
1.0M – 2.5M$0.0015

2. EmailChecker

EmailChecker - email verification services

EmailChecker is another amazing email list cleaning service. You can easily deploy this service on and website and application using the REST API key.

This will facilitate you with features such as – Online Enquiry Forms, Point of Sale (POS) Systems, and Ecommerce Checkout Pages.

Attributes –

  • Syntax and Format Checking – This ensures that the email meets all the basic criteria.
  • Domain Checking – It ensures that the email address contains a valid internet domain name
  • Mailbox Checking – This function checks that whether the address segment before the ‘@’ sign is a valid mailbox or not.
  • B2B and Yahoo! Verification – The B2B list cleaning platform is designed to manage or handle the B2B email list cleaning requirements.
  • Disposable Email Addresses – This feature helps you detect disposable and temporary email addresses within your database and flags immediate attention to protect your sending and delivery reputation.
  • Error Correction & Server UpTime – This helps you remove certain common invalid characters such as spaces and slashes.

Pricing –

  • $10 per month for 1,000 emails.
  • $20 per month for 2,500 emails.
  • $30 per month for 5,000 emails.
  • $49 per month for 10,000 emails.
  • $69 per month for 15,000 emails.
  • $99 per month for 25,000 emails.

3. EmailListVerify

EmailListBerify  - email verification services

EmailListVerify is one of the fast, affordable, reliable email verification services in the market. The email verification is performed in 3 simple steps –

  • Create your free account
  • Submit a dirty email list (CSV, XLS, TXT format).
  • Download a clean email list.

Within three simple steps you can control your emails from landing into a false email address.

Attributes –

  • Domain & SMTP validation
  • Spam trap checker
  • Email duplicates remover
  • MTA validator
  • Hard bounce checker

Pricing –

  • $139 for 5,000 emails/day
  • $289 for 15,000 emails/day
  • $389 for 35,000 emails/day
  • $589 for 50,000 emails/day
  • $689 for 75,000 emails/day
  • $989 for 100,000 emails/day

4. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce - email verification services

ZeroBounce yet another best email validation and list cleaning service. It is listed as a fast-growing company in America. The service not only just clean your email list with pinpoint accuracy. But also enhance it, while ensuring your files and personal information stay safe.

Its email verifier filters out all the invalid, inactive and low-value email addresses from the database and upgrades your email hygiene.

Attributes –

  • Removal of Invalid Email Addresses
  • Spam Trap and Abuse Email Verifier
  • Email Address List Append
  • Automate your Email Collection Process with our Real-Time Email List Validation API
  • A.I. Email Scoring
  • Inbox Placement Tester

Pricing –

ZeroBounce mainly offers 3 pricing plans, which are as –

Freemium Plan

By its name it is clear that, this is a FREE plan that offers –

  • 100 Validation and Scoring Credits
  • Detailed Status Codes open in new window
  • IP Address Geo Location
  • 18 Validation Tools Included open in new window
  • Deliverability Toolkit

Email Validation & Scoring Plan

This is a pay as you grow plan, here the cost totally depends of the number of emails that you select.

  • As initial for 2000 email credits, you have to pay $16 per month.
  • For 5000 email credits, it charges $39/month.
  • And so on the process and cost go on.

This plan includes all freemium features +

  • No Plan / No Contract
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Credits Never Expire
  • Auto-replenish Credits
  • Detailed Status Codes open in new window
  • IP Address Geo Location
  • 18 Validation Tools Included

Deliverability Toolkit Plan

Within this plan you will get 3 options as –

  • Starter Package – This plan charges $39/Month for 50 Inbox and 50 Mail Server Tests.
  • Pro Package – For this plan you have to pay $249/month for 500 Inbox and 500 Mail Server Tests.
  • Enterprise Package –To get Unlimited Inbox and Mail Server Tests with this plan you have to pay $999 per month.

The deliverability toolkit plan offers –

  • Inbox Placement Tester open in new window
  • Test campaign inbox/spam placement
  • Identify deliverability issues
  • 20+ International testing addresses
  • Email Server Tester open in new window
  • Analyze your email headers
  • Diagnose deliverability issues
  • Best practices to send email
  • Mail server configuration analysis

5. QuickEmailVerification

QuickEmailVerification - email verification services

QuickEmailVerification another best email list cleaning service in the list. It is trusted by 90,000+ businesses of all size.

You can uploading email list or choose from CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX or ODS format to verify it. Email list with other data columns is also supported.

Attributes –

  • Quick API turnaround
  • Anti-Greylisting technology
  • In-depth verification report
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Auto deletes old data after 90 days

Pricing –

Freemium Plan

Just Sign up and verify up to 100 email addresses for FREE everyday.

Daily (Pay monthly)

  • Get 500 credits every day by just paying $25/month
  • Pay $80 per month and get 2,000 credits/day
  • It cost $160/month for 5,000 credits per day
  • To get 25,000 credits/day you have to pay $525 every month

Pay as you go (One Time) Plan

  • For 500 credits just pay $4 for one time.
  • 2,500 credits $ 20
  • 10,000 credits $60
  • 50,000 credits $200

6. Bounceless


Bounceless is the best list cleaning and email verification services. It will help you improve deliverability and boost email marketing metrics.

You can easily connect with dozens of powerful integrations such as – MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, Active Campaign that fit into your existing workflow.

Attributes –

  • Remove spamtrap and duplicates
  • Syntax verifier & SMTP validation
  • Upload or import files from your favorite integration
  • Get a detailed report with a download facility.

Pricing –

  • Pay $19 for 2500 email verification.
  • $39 to validate 5000 emails.
  • For validating 10000 emails you have to pay $59.
  • It will charge $99 for 25000 email verification and so on.

7. MyEmailVerifier


MyEmailVerifier online email validation and list cleaning system, it will help you verify a email list or clean it up to reduce the bounce rate up to 98%.

Its email validation API helps you to identify domains that are spam, abuse, and bot created emails from your email address list.

Attributes –

  • Domain/MX record checker
  • Catch-all email checker
  • Temporary unavailability detection
  • Role account detection
  • Improved Yahoo email verification
  • Lowest turnaround time

Pricing –

  • For 500 credits you have to pay $1.44 (Discounted Price)/ $2.4 (Original Price)
  • To get 1000 credits it will charge you $2.88 (Discounted Price)/ $4.8 (Original Price)
  • Pay $5.04 (Discounted Price)/ $8.4 (Original Price) for 2000 credits
  • For 5,000 credits it cost $12.6 (Discounted Price)/ $21 (Original Price)
  • Similarly for 10,000 credits you have to pay $21.6 (Discounted Price)/ $36 (Original Price)

Conclusion –

Hope you find the above-mentioned email verification services useful. Opt to one as per the requirement of your business. Let me know in the comment section that which email verification service are you using.

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