How To Improve Domain Authority Of Your Website?

Looking for a way to improve domain authority of your website?

Then you are in the right place, in this article we are highlighting some points which can help you boost or improve the domain authority of your website.

Before digging deep let us know what domain authority is?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the number that is developed by Moz. DA gives you the website value after checked some parameters for the website. Domain authority gives you in between 0-100. 100 is the highest number for DA. Websites like Facebook, Google has 100 DA. High domain authority sites have a high volume of traffic on the website.

DA is calculated by combining website link metrics (Linking root domain, Number of incoming links) Moz rank, Moz trust.

how to improve domain authority of your website

Techniques to improve Domain Authority

SEO Quality – First, we have to ensure that our website SEO is heading in the right direction. The next question that arises in mind is how to ensure SEO is in the right direction? I‘ll explain it.

  1. Make sure all meta tags should be placed on the website. In meta tags Title tag of the website, Meta description of the site. Alt tag for images. Heading tags for the web pages are properly placed.
  2. Content according to keywords, If a webpage is having content according to keywords then its Google search ranking will be improved, Result is that you will get good domain authority, In SEO everything is connected. So if you are getting organic traffic then your website Domain authority will be increased and traffic of the site also improved.
  3. Page Speed – Page speed is the most important metric for a website. If you really want to increase your webpage domain authority then you should focus on the page speed. If your pages load faster than other site’s webpages then your website’s overall search ranking and Domain authority improved.
  4. txt file should be placed.
  5. URL structure should be good. URL should not be with special characters and numbers.
  6. Website content should be categorized.
  7. Sitemap – Prepare a sitemap for the website, Sitemap gives a path to users and crawlers to find all pages.

Quality Content – Add quality content to the website. Do not use duplicate content on the website. Do not stuff too many keywords in the content. Always try to write new and engaging content. Check for grammar and spelling corrections.

Always try to write a long article full of information. If your webpage is having full information then the user doesn’t bounce from the website or website.

So if the website bounce rate is going down then your website domain authority will be increased.

Internal Linking – Internal linking for the website should be strong. If your website doesn’t have strong internal linking then focus on internal linking.

Internal linking helps users and search engine crawlers. Users get a good user experience with it. Crawlers get all links address within the page.

Link Building – Link building can improve your domain authority. If your website has a large number of incoming links then your website domain authority will be improved. One more thing to add in link building is anchor tag variation.

Use anchor tag with a ratio of 30% link with main focus keywords, 30% link with Branded keywords and remaining 30% ratio use as normal anchor tag like – Click here, Visit here, more ….etc.

Try Embed links! It helps to increase the links for the web pages and domain. Recently I have seen that Quora is giving embed links for questions, If you want to add a question on your web page then you can embed it via embed code.

Note – Link profile is the most important factor for domain authority.  

Keep eye on your links with the help of Google webmaster tool, Ahrefs, Open site explorer tool. Because if you are getting low-quality links then they will harm you they will down your domain authority and also push down your website ranking.

How to track link profile

Prepare a sheet download all links that your profile has. Filter them according to quality then delete the high-quality links remaining low-quality links you have to remove. Find out the webmaster detail of a low-quality site.

Then reach out to the webmaster for removing your links. If they remove your profile then well and good. If they are not removing your profile then submit disavow of those links.

  • Be Active on Social Platforms

Be active on social platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumbleupon pages. If you share your pages on social then more people know about your website, Service, or product.  If your web page got shares and tweets. So the impact of tweets and shares improves the ranking of your web pages and improves the domain authority.

Try to run a paid campaign as well, If your paid campaign is getting traffic then your content will be viral. Once your social media page or webpages are viral then you will hit the million number for traffic. Again the same thing getting traffic is improved domain authority of the website.

  • Improve Speed and performance

Improve your website performance. If your website speed is slow then it is not good for website health. To improve website speed and performance, Make sure that the code of your webpage is clean, and try to optimize your code every quarter. Improving website quality can increased domain authority.

  • Domain Age

Domain age is one of the most important factor for Domain authority. The older domain has good DA. If the domain is old then its authority is high. So have patience if your domain is new. If you are doing the same thing as above then you will improve your domain authority.

Leverage Your Email Subscribers List

With the help of emails, we can send monthly/weekly newsletters to them, If our stuff is engaging and they find it informative then users can recommend it to others as well, This technique helps to improve the traffic of the website.

Once you are getting traffic via any acquisition channel then your website domain authority will be improved.

How To Check Domain Authority

Check Your website domain authority with the SmallSEOTools DA Checker tool. Here you can find other SEO tools as well. Such as –

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Check
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Logo Maker
  • What is My IP
  • PDF To Word Converter
  • Internet Speed Test
  • SEO Checker
  • Article Rewriter
  • Keyword Position
  • Backlink Checker
  • Image Compressor
  • Video Downloader, more.
SmallSEOTool Checker tool

Following are some alternative to SmallSEOTools –

Conclusion –

Hope you find the article “how to improve domain authority of your website” helpful. Let us know which DA checker tool are you using.

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