How to Backup PC Files to Cloud Regularly?

What is PC cloud backup?

In recent years, most users prefer cloud backup services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and so on rather than traditional data storage such as external disks, NAS, etc. Because, compared with other storage methods, cloud backup service has larger capacity, lower price, and higher security.

Therefore, to keep their important data in a safe place, users usually backup their PC files to a cloud server. This is the so-called PC cloud backup. 

Can I achieve scheduled PC cloud backup?

Because the files on the computer are constantly increasing or changing, users may need to frequently make a latest backup of the files with the cloud backup service. In the long run, users may find it troublesome to backup files manually and regularly.

In this case, some users want to find a cloud backup service that automatically backs up files to the cloud on a regular basis.

Actually, although most cloud backup services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. provide users with automatic backup and sync tools to upload files automatically, none of them offers a scheduled backup feature to backup your files to the cloud regularly.

So, is there a cloud backup service that can backup your data to the cloud server regularly and automatically? Of course yes. There are some professional cloud backup services like CBackup which allows users to set up scheduled PC cloud backup tasks.

About professional cloud backup service – CBackup

CBackup is a reliable cloud backup service for Windows PCs, which has the following advantages and features:

  • It supports many Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP. 
  • It offers a secure and stable cloud server called CBackup Cloud to users with huge backup space.  
  • It offers many useful backup settings like a scheduled backup. With this feature, users can set up automatic backup tasks at a specific time, daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • It has a clear interface and user-friendly design, even if you are not familiar with computer operation, you can use it freely.
  • It allows users to backup PC files to third-party cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • It also offers cloud-to-cloud backup, cloud to cloud sync features to help users move files between two cloud storage easily and quickly.

How to set up scheduled backups with CBackup?

Since CBackup is such a powerful cloud backup service, don’t hesitate to try it. Here is the step-to-step guide on how to set up scheduled backup with CBackup, please read on and follow the steps:

Step 1. Download the CBackup software on your computer, install and run it.

Step 2. Create a CBackup account by typing your email and password to sign up.

backup files to cloud

Step 3. Sign in to your account. Then, you will see three tabs on the left side of the interface. Click the Backup Tasks tab > New Task.

New Task - backup files to cloud

Step 4. Then, you are going to create your backup task. Modify your Task Name in order to distinguish your backup tasks

backup files to cloud

Step 5. Click Add Source button to select files of folders on your computer that you want to backup.

Add Source

Step 6. Click Add Destination button to choose CBackup Cloud as your backup destination.

Add Destination
Add Destination - backup files to cloud

Step 7. Check your backup source and destination. Then, click the Settings button in the lower-left corner of the interface. When the new windows pop up, click the Scheduled Backup tab, choose a scheduled mode and click OK.

Scheduled Backup

Step 8. Finally, click Start Backup to execute your scheduled backup task. Then, CBackup will automatically backup your files according to the interval you choose.

Start Backup - backup files to cloud

Final words

Backup your PC files with a cloud backup service is a good way to keep your data far away from hardware issues and natural disasters. And setting up a scheduled PC cloud backup can protect your files regularly and save you much effort. 

A reliable online backup service like CBackup can help you set up automatically scheduled backup tasks easily. You can try to protect your PC files with it. If you already have an account of Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, you can also use CBackup to backup your files to these third-party cloud storage. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the scheduled backup feature and many other useful features.

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