Gmail for Business and Work: Should You Use Or Not?

There are a few useful tips and tricks used to boost your administrative skills and to save a lot of time. At the same time, you can manage different websites and conversations with various persons. In this article, I will explain how.

You will also find out if it is a good idea to use Gmail as your primary email account and if is suitable using it for business and work. But first, let’s see where the email era has begun.

Quick Overview of Emails

E-mails are the electronic version of common mails brought by the postal man. They appeared in 1962 as messages. The internet email message format is defined by RFC 5322. It includes a few parts such as the header where the following fields are:

  • from which shows the e-mail address from where you received the mail,
  • date where you can see the local time and date when the message was written,
  • to where you can see the recipients e-mail address,
  • the subject where you can see the subject of the e-mail
  • and additionally, there are other fields like BCC, CC, and so on.

Another part is the message body where the message of the e-mail is written either in plain text or in HTML. Additionally, you can attach files to your e-mail if you need it.

There are various types of e-mails: web-based, for example, Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail; POP3, IMAP, and MAPI. The last three types of e-mails are depending on servers while the first type depends on the client’s browser.

Tricks You Can do With Gmail

1. You can always use your hosting service to create e-mails using one of the website’s domain names. This feature is free. Depending on your hosting package you may have a limited number of e-mail accounts. together with limited space on each account.

2. Yahoo and other similar free e-mail service providers aren’t so good, excepting Google’s Gmail.

3. You can use Gmail to store your data. Picasa is ideal for images and Google Drive for files. Also, Google Sheets with Google Slides and Google Docs can store and create office files. Gmail offers nowadays 17 GB of space, but periodically they increase the storage capacity.

4. Gmail lets you create aliases for your primary e-mail by writing one or more dots between numbers and letters of your e-mail. For example, or for the primary e-mail address

You can write as many dots you want, all the e-mails sent to one alias will be received by the primary e-mail address. When you receive an e-mail delivered for an alias you can see what the recipient e-mail is. This way you know where you put that alias and from where people take your address.

5. Gmail also lets you increase the number of e-mails by using a plus sign after the letters and numbers used in your primary e-mail address. For example, for With this solution, you can write everything after the plus sign excepting special symbols. This Gmail feature is ideal for having aliases for office, home, career, contact, sale, and press purposes.

In this case, you can also see the recipient’s e-mail and you receive all the e-mails sent to one or more alias to your primary e-mail.

6. Another great Gmail trick is to combine the last two tricks. Just use dots where you want to put them between the primary e-mail letters and numbers with the plus sign.

In this case, you, have unlimited alias/ e-mail addresses to use. Don’t forget that you need to login to your Gmail account with your primary e-mail address.

7. One of the best tricks about e-mail addresses is to combine your Gmail e-mail address with the one created using cPanel from your web host and the domain name of your website.

In this case, you can link the second e-mail to your Gmail one. You will receive a copy of each e-mail received at the self-hosted e-mail to your Gmail. Also, you can answer from Gmail using the self-hosted address as the sender.

8. Having extra e-mail addresses at your disposal you can create unlimited accounts with different addresses. In this case, you can even create more than one account to the same site if you need it.

9. Also, if you promote your products and services you can also use different e-mails for contact forms or contact web pages or ads.

10. The best solution to administrate your e-mail addresses is to use an e-mail client. The most knows clients are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. Using them, you can add extra e-mail addresses.

Also, you can manage them without needing to enter on extra websites. This is a useful trick because you can also forget about the Gmail tricks if you don’t want to waste time using many aliases.

Hopefully the above mentioned tricks are useful to properly administrate your emails. With these tricks, you can see who is spamming you. You can use specific e-mail for a specific person or account.  Also you can save a lot of time in figuring out from where somebody has your e-mail address.

Finally, you can even protect your privacy and block people who bother you by spamming or flaming.

Why Should You Use Gmail?

The biggest and most useful trick is to use Gmail even for mobile, work or home. It has a lot of useful features besides the ones already mentioned such as:

  • Track packages
  • Review products
  • Respond for events
  • Put custom themes
  • Use video calls
  • View attachments instantly
  • Chat using the included chat system named Hangouts
  • Compose new messages while keeping an eye on the inbox
  • Send or receive money with Google Wallet
  • Use the improved search
  • Multilanguage compatibility
  • Stay connected while you are on mobile
  • Switch between many Gmail accounts
  • Real-time notifications through mobile or desktop
  • Use Gmail for your branded e-mail
  • Host a video meeting with Gmail

Is Gmail Suitable for Business and Work?

In the end, to fully and properly manage one or more websites and your business, you need to use some of the above-mentioned tricks. You should definitely consider using Gmail for business and even for your primary email account.

However, you should also consider getting at least one professional email address (Gmail for business) that is associated with your domain name and not to free email service. We highly recommend InMotion for this purpose.

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