MailChimp – Best Email Marketing Service

When developing campaigns with the MailChimp email marketing service interface, you’ll have a large number of customization options at your disposal.

By using these options, combined with the testing and analytics features available through MailChimp. You’ll be able to develop more effective email marketing campaigns.

A/B and multivariate testing offer you more options to test out what aspects of an email your subscribers are responding too. So that you can build stronger and more successful campaigns in the future.

MailChimp - Email Marketing Service

Key Features

  • Intelligent drag-and-drop email designer
  • Advanced abuse detection technology
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Apple Watch support
  • Detailed subscriber profiles
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Analytics and report generation
  • Third-party application integration

Intelligent Drag-and-Drop Email Designer

Designing the emails for any marketing campaign is easy with the email designer available through MailChimp.

The interface makes it simple for you to drag and drop content blocks, photos, and more. The tool enables you to use basic clicks to completely change the look of your emails.

MailChimp provides its users with a large selection of predesigned templates, while also making it easy to create your own templates. Either through the drag-and-drop interface or through coding.

Better yet, you don’t have to take photos out of the designer to make edits; you can crop, resize, and make other edits to any images in the email designer.

Every email develops with the email designer is automatically mobile devices optimize. Also, you can test and preview your campaigns to see what they will look like on both desktop and mobile platforms.

MailChimp also includes an automatic link checker, which will determine if any links in your emails are broken before you send them out as part of a campaign.

Mobile Device Optimization

Everything that you can do with MailChimp from a computer can also be done when using any mobile device. This allows you to view reports, manage mailing lists, send out new campaigns, and add subscribers when you’re on the go.

MailChimp works seamlessly from device to device, so that you can start campaign working from your desktop computer or laptop. And also send it out through a mobile device once all of your team members have approved the campaign.

The MailChimp Snap mobile app allows you to develop simple campaigns based around photos that you have taken with a mobile device. So that you can immediately send out minimalistic email campaigns when you take a photo that you think might appeal to some of your subscribers.

MailChimp features specialized to support the Apple Watch device. It works well as any other mobile device that would allow you to access MailChimp features.

When using MailChimp on your Apple Watch, you can receive color-coded details regarding a campaign’s statistics or how many subscribers your mailing list has gained or lost.

MailChimp for Apple Watch provides you with a variety of functions for tracking and managing your email marketing campaigns right from your wrist.

Detailed Subscriber Profiles

Through MailChimp, subscribers have profiles automatically developed for them. This is used to track their interests and activity related to your email campaigns.

User profiles feature information like the user’s time zone, the preferred email client, and whether or not the user has been viewing emails via a mobile device.

Each user is rated based on his/her interaction with your emails. So that you can tag particular subscribers as very important persons (VIPs). And send them special offers or invites to events.

You can add private notes to each subscriber profile that may give you additional insights when developing future marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, MailChimp integrates with other services that allow you to track each user’s purchase history. And help automatically send emails based on the user’s activity.

You can easily segment or group users together to send them future campaigns that are better catered to their specific interests or online habits. You can track the subscriber activity through their associated social network profiles.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

It’s easy to test campaigns against one another using MailChimp’s A/B testing features, which are available for all users. Or you can use the extended multivariate testing options offered to Pro users.

These tests allow you to choose a number of variables, including subject line, campaign content, and send time, and compare different emails against one another to see how your subscribers respond.

You can even set the winning campaign to be automatically sent out to the subscribers who did not initially receive it.

It’s very easy to make minute changes to each campaign to see precisely what your subscribers are responding to and react to their interests.

Analytics and Report Generation

If you want to generate detailed reports and statistics regarding your email campaigns, MailChimp can provide you with everything you need.

You can track how many people have been opening your emails. As well as what they clicked once they did receive your emails.

MailChimp can generate graphs that allow you to track various trends. Such as the time/day when subscribers are most likely to open your email. Or what percentage of subscribers who opened your email clicked on something further from there.

Pro users are able to generate even more comprehensive comparative reports. This allows you to better compare data received from each of your email marketing campaigns.

Using these reports and analytics you are able to develop stronger and more engaging content for your subscribers. As well as will help determine who should be targeted and when to send out your emails.

MailChimp offers features that will help to make your email campaigns more effective. Automated and human-run, abuse-detection technology makes it easier to manage bounces and route your traffic.

Other tools allow you to ensure that anyone who has marked an email of yours as spam is immediately removed from your mailing list. So that you are not blocked during future campaigns.

MailChimp also checks if you are using any phrases or words that might get your emails filtered into spam folders.

Additionally, MailChimp uses authentication to prove your emails are real and are connected with all of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). To ensure that your emails are never inadvertently marked as spam.

Conclusion –

With all of these features, as well as extensive levels of third-party application integration. MailChimp is the perfect software for managing all of your email marketing campaigns.

Hope you find this MailChimp – best email marketing service article useful.

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