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Every marketer knows that MailChimp is on top as an email marketing software or service. Millions of people use this software to send more than half a billion emails all year round. 

Initially, marketers can use the service for free and can send thousands of emails to more than a thousand users. Some of the best reasons why MailChimp is used are –

  • To send professional and high quality email to the target customers or audience.
  • Analyze as well as measure the results, and to develop an email listing. 

Email is one of the most cost effective means of communicating to the customers and even prospects. 

What MailChimp and Other Similar Software Can Do To Your Business

MailChimp steps

This kind of service will help you send top-notch, very attractive HTML and plain emails to your listing that utilizes pro-forma templates which you can personalize to suit your business branding as well as design and style preferences. 

With the help of embedded drag and drop features, you can create interesting email as if it is done by a professional. One can customize the emails such auto–inclusion of names in the body of the emails and inserting variable information such as product or an event. 

Most importantly, MailChimp lets you see who opened your targeted emails and the links that users or customers clicked on. With this, you will be able to determine which part of your email marketing works and which won’t.

In terms of building an email list, here’s what it can do. The software will let you create sign-up forms and have people subscribe to your mailing list. 

It can create multiple forms and mailing lists. With that, you can sign up customers in many different mailing category like – products, services, and interests. It also has an Auto Responder mechanism where people who signed up will receive a follow up emails.

Why Look For MailChimp Alternatives?

MailChimp has inherent issues such as expensive to maintain. In some cases, users find terms and conditions to use MailChimp quite rigid thus, they get suspend not just once but many times. Also, there are more affordable alternatives that offer similar features and services.

Other marketers want redundant campaigns hence, they are looking for an email service that also provides SMS service which MailChimp doesn’t offer.

What are the Best MailChimp Alternatives Then?

When confronted with issues like those, here are some excellent alternative to MailChimp emai:-

1. Constant Contact –

Constant Contact

This is probably the most well-known alternative, especially among small business owners and marketers. It has competitive pricing.

Many users found out that this service really delivers as it offers educational input about email marketing and how to use the service effectively.

One can watch on-demand webinars and live discussions as well as other learning resources. Its unique proposition is that it has 400 templates organized according to function and industry.

The major downside is that you cannot test the effectiveness of email marketing in this service because it has no split testing feature.

2. GetResponse –


Another very popular MailChimp alternatives as it is rich in useful features. The most important beneficial features are; 5 split testing, QR code generator, and a landing page creator.

Integrated email marketing, autoresponders, and landing pages let you automate the tasks. And also launches effective marketing campaigns. Advanced analytics make it easy to track conversions, leads, and ROI, and learn what your customers want.

The downside is that it comes in cheap; thus, it looks cheap. However, the templates are not that difficult to tweak.

3. AWeber 


If you do not have enough time to focus on your email marketing campaigns, AWeber is the ideal email solution, especially for small business marketers.

It also has a large collection of 700 templates which means you can avoid customizing your own email. It also has 4 split-testing.

One issue that users have to contend with is that this email marketing software or provider is quite demanding because when you upload your list, you have to confirm with your customers when it comes to subscribing to your list.

4. SendinBlue –


If you want to have a very flexible pricing structure, this email service comes with 8 pricing plans which also includes the free trial version regardless of your business size.

It has one of the easiest ways of uploading contact lists. The biggest headache email marketers found in the service is that the template calls for embedding social media share buttons in the email even though you are not using some of the social network platforms.

5. Infusionsoft (Keap) –

Infusionsoft - best MailChimp alternatives

It is good for small businesses searching for an email marketing service, the service can be integrated with some CRM features and e-commerce functions.

On top of these features, it also has a drag-n-drop builder that makes visualization of your automatic campaign easy.

The service provider also provides instructional programs to help customers use and maximize Infusionsoft features.

However, this email marketing service has no split testing and can be expensive as more features require payment. There are also users who had reported that Infusionsoft report generation is quite complicated.

6. Campaign Monitor –

Campaign Monitor - best MailChimp alternatives

If you want aesthetics in your email marketing campaign, this is the best tool you can have.

It is embedded with drag-n-drop email and newsletter editor, mobile and web-ready templates (HTML), analytics, and social integration are some of the amazing features of the email marketing system.

The downside is that email creation is quite complicated due to HTML editing which requires users to have HTML knowledge.

7. iContact –

iContact - best MailChimp alternatives

It is ideal for businesses with small email listings and this is due to the fact that it’s’ most expensive pricing structure with a 5000 contacts limit.

Its most amazing feature is the Message Coder that allows users to customize email templates despite limited knowledge of HTML.

The downside is that the user interface is quite cluttered.


These are the best MailChimp alternatives. Of course, the list is subject to individual opinions. However, the above-mentioned alternatives are some of the most popular services using by email marketing nowadays.

Remember that the key to choosing which email service to use boils down to identifying your customers, objectives, frequency of emails, type of emails to send, and the features you need.

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