GetResponse vs VerticalResponse: Best Among Them?

In the present scenario, where branding and marketing have become essential for the growth and running of business successfully, there are email marketing platforms available that help to make the dream come true for these business organizations by providing their services to them.

The company’s marketing is not an easy task in such a competitive world. Keeping the users engaged is desirable for the smoothly running of a business.

Let’s discuss the two such email marketing platforms, GetResponse and VerticalResponse. And know which one is widely used by businesses to get in touch with their clients.

GetResponse VS VerticalResponse: Best Email Marketing Tool

Let’s start with overview of GetResponse.

GetResponse - Email Marketing

GetResponse is one such email marketing platform that gives you many options to add custom fields using tools to create contact lists and much more.

You can track the number of subscribers to whom the mail has not been delivered. Or those who do not read the emails etc.

Similarly can also track the list of all those subscribers who has complaints or have unsubscribed your service. You can also find out the reason for the refusal of the service.

Quick intro of VerticalResponse.

VerticalResponse - Email Marketing

VerticalResponse, on the other hand, is simple and easy to use with the bulk email service. It also has an amazing ability to connect to social networking sites.

This helps to reach a greater audience and not just the ones that are among the contact lists. With VerticalResponse, you can build your email advertising in different ways such as:

  • Using email wizards
  • HTML editor
  • Text only option


GetResponse: this email marketing platform provides a large number of responsive templates that are compatible to run on various devices.

It is easy to use and users can create and manage campaigns in less amount of time.

Customization is also very easy as one can easily modify the images, fonts, colors, and social networking links.

VerticalResponse: this email marketing platform also provides a plethora of email templates that are user friendly and gives the editing tools for image customization such as flipping, resizing and cropping, etc.

Custom codes can also be included in the HTML editor of VerticalResponse and background patterns and colors can also be edited.


GetResponse: it provides Autoresponder for both, premium as well as free trail users. Based on the needs and interest of the users, they can target relevant subscribers with the GetResponse Autoresponder.

VerticalResponse: with VerticalResponse Autoresponder, welcome messages, thank you notes, promotional offers and schemes can be sent to the subscribers.

Out Reach:

GetResponse: with features like hashtag and audio-video emails, a greater number of people can be achieved to whom the emails could reach. Users can also benefit the better delivery rates with the implementation of anti-spam technology and policies.

VerticalResponse: it provides the feature of automatically resending the messages to the users who failed to open the messages at first. In addition to this, responsive and mobile friendly templates also help the users to easily view the messages over the mobile devices.


GetResponse: Pricing for GetResponse varies with the increase in the number of subscribers, so one can choose the best plan suitable according to his/her needs.

The pricings are as follows: $15/month for 1000 subscribers, $25/month for 2500 subscribers, and so on. GetResponse also provides free trails for users.

VerticalResponse: VerticalResponse does not charge anything up to the first 1000 contacts, but with the increase in the demand, various suitable packages can be chosen.

Pricings for VerticalResponse are as follows: $25/month for 2500 contacts, $45-65/month for up to 10000 contacts, and so on.

Additional Features:

GetResponse: GetResponse provides user guides and email support to the users. Apart from this, you can get the preview of recipients’ mailboxes and can also add sign up links to the web and on social networking sites for gathering customers’ emails.

VerticalResponse: Apart from easily connecting your email marketing campaigns to twitter, facebook etc., it gives additional feature to integrate App, Contact Management, Developer API etc.


Both (GetResponse and VerticalResponse) the programs, in GetResponse vs VerticalResponse, have their strength and weaknesses. Considering all the points and features these two email marketing platforms provide, clearly, GetResponse is the winner!

GetResponse can serve the purpose of large businesses with more number of subscribers. Moreover, it also provides WordPress integration and a multimedia platform for users to upload their personalized images.

It provides a dynamic platform for users to customize according to their needs and is not restricted to its basic features.

VerticalResponse, on the other hand, provides free trials for up to 1000 contacts. It seems pretty good for small scale business that wants to enter the email marketing.

It provides a clean, organized, and easy to use layout but you can’t arrange some of the elements and sometimes it appears to be quite tricky.

So we hope this GetResponse vs VerticalResponse article helped you selecting the best email marketing among them. Let us know your thought in the comment section.

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