How to Write an Effective Welcome Email?

Have you recieved a notification that the customers registered for your service or signed up for your newsletter?

This is great.

But, now the first thing that you have to ensure is the welcome email sent doesn’t kill their interest. The email is one of the most crucial tools for email marketing.

Statistics show that the average read rate of these emails is 34%, which is about 45% higher than other emails. In simple terms, the welcome email is going to set the tone of the relationship you wish to build with your customer. 

You should never forget that the unforgiving and deadly ‘trash’ and ‘spam’ button are only a click away and a single mistake on your part can cost you a client. Is that what you want? Probably not!

Therefore, you have to figure out the most powerful ways to write an effective welcome email that keeps your customers interested and involved.

Not sure what they are?

Fortunately, some of the unique ways you can go about this mission are detailed below:

1. Make Sure The Customers Know Where Is The Email From?

One of the steps for protecting yourself against viruses and hackers is not to open emails from unknown senders.

This is a lesson for you; make sure the welcome email you send to your customers states your name clearly so your customers know the email is from a trusted source and not a way to infect their PC or other devices.

How can you do this?

By using the same name that your customers signed up for. Using a different name is going to cause confusion and you will be in the spam folder before you know it.

2. Refresh Your Customer’s

This means reminding your audience why they are getting an email from you. It is common for people to sign up for stuff online and then completely forget about it.

Hence, your welcome email should not just welcome them, but also remind them of the reason behind it.

3. Show Your Human Side

The best way to capture the interest of your clientele and to retain it is to show them your human side. This is not when you act aloof and professional; this is the time when you have to be memorable and funny when you need to be personal and inspirational.

Instead of making a generic sales pitch, you have the opportunity of giving your clients something to remember you by and make sure it counts.

4. Brand Highlight

It is also your job to ensure that the welcome email represents your brand and company. You will be able to create a stronger impression on your customers through visual consistency across different media.

Use your company logo or your signature in your welcome email to make sure your welcome email reflects your company’s image and culture.

5. Reward Them For Their Participation

A great way of maintaining interest to give your subscribers something. If their move was a whim, you have to make it worthy.

Give them free coupons or offer them something for their show of faith and you will be able to turn them into loyal customers.

Conclusion –

Hope the points that are covered in the article on how to write a effective welcome email is helpful.

Do share your thoughts on the welcome email write-up in the comment section.

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