10+ Best WordPress Plugins for Business Sites

WordPress is undoubtedly the most used CMS o\inn the market. And as well as by the personal blogs and large company websites alike.

The motive for this popularity is, undoubtedly, its own endurance. Additionally, it offers a wide array of best WordPress plugins that try to enhance it to match your every need. Even though it comes packaged with functionality that is pretty broad.

Thus, if you are about to start a company or a small business, WordPress is just a wonderful starting place for its presence.

With the right group of plugins, you’ll have the ability to improvise your growing business.

Below, you will get a set of 10+ best WordPress plugins that I have handpicked for small business sites. They are all high quality, user friendly, and will contribute a great deal for your business success.

1. WordPress Google Analytics

Google Analytics - Best WordPress Plugins

As the official member of the Google Analytics Technology Partners Program, Google Analytics WD allows you to access your website statistics reports right from the WordPress dashboard.

It’s the most feature-packed analytics plugin available, which gives you detailed reports on your audience, demographics, browsers, devices, site speed, AdSense and AdWords accounts, sales stats, etc.

Apart from the built-in report types it also allows you to set custom reports on any metric and dimension, track custom dimensions, create and manage goals and filter out unwanted data from the reports.

The reports are displayed in comprehensive charts that can be exported to various file formats and emailed to multiple recipients either once or on a scheduled basis. This WordPress Google Analytics plugin is responsive and has a very user-friendly backend.

2. WordPress Google Maps

WordPress Google Maps

With WordPress Google Maps WD plugin you’ll be able to create and add an unlimited number of Google Maps to your website and provide your business location to your customers.

The plugin supports all the essential Google maps types and overlays and allows you to add unlimited markers to the maps.

You can create custom marker icons with its built-in icon builder, and easily customize the maps with the available map themes and skins using its live preview functionality.

The WordPress Google Maps comes with advanced store locator and get directions functionalities, which will facilitate the process of finding your business location.

3. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin allows you to display related content to your visitors with its powerful unique algorithm.

It suggests related pages, posts, and custom post types to your readers considering post titles, tags, categories, and post content they’re reading.

The results are displayed with thumbnail and list views and can be featured after the article or on the sidebars of your website.

Also, there are several display templates that can be customize and use.

4. WordPress Form Builder

WordPress Form Builder

WordPress Form Maker is an innovative and feature-packed form building tool that allows you to create forms for any purpose.

The WordPress form builder is user-friendly, responsive, and highly customizable. It lets you create forms within just a few minutes that blend perfectly with any website style.

The form builder comes with an array of field options that you can use to generate simple forms, survey forms, and questionnaires, registration, and application forms.

There are over 40 customizable form templates in the plugin that you can adjust and create form designs best matching your business needs.

Form maker has a searchable submissions section which also gives you simple analytics data about the choice based answers in the forms.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Your business website needs proper optimization, so it needs Yoast SEO. It’s the most widely used SEO tool across WordPress, which helps you to create a website search engines will love.

In general, it helps you to write keyword-rich content and also, reminds you to make some other adjustments to your post titles, headings, length, meta-descriptions, etc, to make sure your website is fully optimized.

It comes with an advanced snippet preview option that allows you to see how your posts and pages will look like in the search results.

6. Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Sucuri is a multifunctional security tool that aims to protect your website from hacks, blacklists, attacks and other malware.

The powerful firewall feature blocks all the attacks before they touch your server and makes your website faster.

It comes with a security scanner that performs security monitoring on your website to keep it safe and secure.

The scanner also makes sure your website is not blacklisted in any of the services like Google, Norton, etc.

Sucury keeps the track of everything that takes place on the website including login attempts, file changes, new posts and users, etc.

7. GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR Cookie Consent

Complying with the GDPR regulation can be a hard task without the help of the right tools. This WordPress Cookie Notice plugin helps your website achieve compliance in an effortless way. 

The plugin provides you with a highly customizable cookie consent banner with options to reject/accept cookies (for users) as per the GDPR guideines. It’s automatic scanning feature scans for cookies present on your website and categorizes them into different categories based on their purposes. 

Automatic cookie categorization makes cookie management easy and allows you to grant your users with granular control over cookies. Auto-script blocking is another excellent feature of the plugin that help you block cookies from third-party plugins. It supports script-blocking for many popular plugins.

Geo IP based cookie notice exclusion is a popular feature of the plugin that comes in handy if you wish to disable showing cookie notice to countries other than the EU. 

8. Ultimate FAQ – WordPress FAQ Plugin

Ultimate FAQ

The Ultimate FAQ is a user-friendly, responsive, and highly customizable best WordPress plugins. This helps you create an FAQ section on your website that fits your website and its template.

It is distinguished with the variety of FAQ styles and layouts, and the integrated analytics shows which of the FAQs have been viewed the most.

The plugin includes an FAQ shortcode helper that helps you generate FAQ shortcodes with relevant attributes.

To feature the FAQ’s on your website you can simply insert the shortcode on any page you want to display.

9. Akismet – Spam Protection for WordPress

Akismet -Spam Protection for WordPress

Although Akismet comes already pre-installed in WordPress, you still have to activate it to start doing its job.

It is a comment spam filtering plugin that performs monitoring of the comments section on your website. It catches spammy content before it even reaches the moderation queue.

The plugin works with a smart algorithm that learns from its mistakes and also considers actions taken by other websites.

The plugin handles spam on your website & saves lots of time that you would spend on sorting out comments.

10. Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat

Doesn’t matter small or big, live chat is a great idea on business websites. Zopim live chat plugin will add mobile-friendly and stylish chat widgets to your website. Also, let you provide real-time support to your customers.

You can handle multiple conversations at a time, track chat history, review chat performances, etc.

The widgets are highly customizable so that you can give them the look and feel the best match your website.

11. Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

This plugin is a quick solution to enable social sharing on your website. It supports 15 essential social platforms and allows you to insert the buttons above and below the content area.

The plugin offers unique button styles and designs and allows you to modify the text on the buttons as well.

Apart from that, it lets you adjust button colors, their alignment, and container. You can also display the share counts next to the buttons as well.

Conclusion –

These high-quality best WordPress plugins will be a great addition to your business website. The latter will add lots of functionality to your website and help you grow your business.

If you have other best WordPress plugins in mind that you think will be useful for small business sites, comment below and let us know about them.

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